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~About Me~
  • I'm 15 years old
  • I've been roleplaying since 2011
  • I think i have dyslexia
  • I'm a 9 grader
  • I'm a girl
  • I'm bi
  • Even though i hate to be rushed or rush anyone, I can a bit impatient.
  • I don't do group roleplays. Convince me tho.
  • Yes. I am obese with Holland Roden. She's bae.
  • I can very literate and make a beefy paragraphs
  • I'm bipolar
  • I straight up hate liars and ditchers. If you lie to me that your going to be away but for some reason still responding to other roleplays, I will defriend you and block you. Just tell me if your not interested anymore. If you ditch our roleplay, fuck you.

I'm kinda free and looking for a few partners. I would post some but I'm Also, a partner must understand I have bad grammar or whatever the case may be. I do have a grammar check app but I'm not sure if it really works.

Anyway...I'm up for anything expect sci-fi. What I'm in the mood for:

Supernatural, Mythology, Modern, Teen Drama, Furry, pregnancy and Medieval.

(I'm the submissive, your the dominant )


1. I am very lazy person. I can be on the site but it doesn't mean I'm roleplay. I'm just looking.

2. if i don't respond under 24 hours, I'm lazy.

3. Don't rush me.

4. Question are fine, just don't assume. I hate when ppl assume

5. Don't lie to me. Again, if you aren't interested, tell me. Don't flipping lie.

6. You know what I see people do? First, they act like they're interested...but when you finally reach the stage of roleplaying, they just automatically ditch me. Oh well, again, TELL ME. I swear y'all don't understand. You only think about your benefit right?

7. Please stay active.

P A I R I N G S:

Princess Knight
Pharoahx Princess
PharoahxQueenx(girls)Servants; MXFXF
Werewolfx Werewolf
King TutxOC
Lydiax Stiles
XerxesxOC (KingxQueen)

P LO T S: ♤
1. When a werewolf girl finally turns 16 and is able to shift into her wolf, she goes to this party bash which is the Alpha's birthday party. They of course meet and hit up each other the same night. But what happens when she's rejected and pregnant with alpha's baby? Will she forgive him in the future or reject him for good?

3. A king and a queen has a son and daughter. After the king returns home from war, he brings a new kind of threat to the family: Salves. The king knows his son is an explorer but he never expected him to be wander off and talk to a salve boy behind the fence.

4. When a pirate crew is sent out to find the leader of Mermaids, one pirate will manage to find one after weeks of searching. When the two sew each other they will fall in love and help stop war from between the pirates and mermaids.

5. Coming from a far away journey, a beautiful princess from the South has married a Lord from the Iran, named Xerxes. Since the death of his wife has been taken by the gods, he once more marries a beautiful women a beautiful women and claim her as his. The princess of course was paralyzed by his looks, yet was afraid. Days pass to weeks after recent event of their honeymoon, the princess founds out she pregnant with his child. [We can discus more about this.] [Craving]

6.Boyfriend and girlfriend are together. The girlfriend's boyfriend is in a gang and of course does the wrong thing like: taking drugs, smoking, and taking part in gun violence. The boyfriend's girlfriend is pregnant and was soon to be due. They had no money, but luckily had a house and way behind overdue bills. Sooner or later they were going to be kicked out. The boyfriend tries his best to provide money for his new family and goes to local stores and steals some foodsince it was hard to put food on the table, while the girlfriend is home and laying in bed. (If you want, we can discus more about this)
B} He can be a gang leader and could do this before she's pregnant [CRAVING]


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Midnight Justin

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I'm willing to do pharaoh x queen x servants.
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