Only 1 so pick well (M needed) FILLED for now

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  1. Alice Wonderland/Rabbit Anthro *
    Female Hunter/Prey (Prey furry)

    Other list:

    Werewolf King/Baroness(Victorian Era)
    Centaur/Human Female (*)
    Age play (*)
    Zombie Apocalypse (+) (*)
    Circus freaks

    Okay so * means porn without plot, these are short so maybe a week in real time if you want to do more after that I'm happy.

    (*) I really want to do this.

    (+) I have a plot with these

    For these I will play female, sorry usually I wouldn't mind but I want the female roles badly! So before you message me I have a huge pet peeve if we start rping and you just drop off the map I will block you. If you wanna stop the rp fine talk to me, I understand people get busy or uninterested but I HATE people who just drop off the map!
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  2. still looking for one since the other just up and left. Look if for whatever reason you no longer want to rp with or don't like the char I pick please tell me don't just ignore me and then block me so I wont yell at you. I would much rather you say something then be a freaking child and do that!
  3. I wish to do age play RP(I do not do furries.)
  4. Okay willing to take one more again, had people drop
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.