Online turns into reality

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  1. Mickey stumbled into her appartment after driving home from work. Her parents had given her their old red Chevy before she went to college. She was currently studying to be a vet and help animals. The appartment wasn't anything fancy, but it wasn't a poor appartment either. She checked for any bills or mail, and finding none, she trudged up to the third and final floor of her appartment. She hung her keys on the hook and went into her bedroom and turned her laptop on. She lived in New York and has had several bad dates and was tired of them. She waited for her laptop to boot up, sipping on a soda. Once her laptop was fully booted up, she logged onto her recent dating site she was trying out. There were a couple of hits on her profile, but nothing that she was interested in. She decided to browse through the profiles and eventually found one that interested her. She clicked on him and sent him a PM.

    Hello. My name is Mickey. Wanna chat?

    She hit send and leaned back in her computer chair.
  2. Tap Tap Tap
    Tap tap tap tap
    The keyboard came alive as the clock slowly made its way towards midnight. It was about ten PM and Jax had just started his first task of the night. Responding to the several emails that were sent while he had been asleep.
    You see, Jax wasn't your normal human. In fact. He wasn't human at all. That was very clear when he wrapped his tongue around one fang, a habit he had that occurred when he was thinking really hard. The keyboard made several more clicks and clacks as a long message started to form along the screen.
    Dear M.G Girl.
    I believe that since you have sent me a message and my first installment of money that you are in desperate need of help in snagging a guy you like. ---
    *beep* *beep* *beep*


    His eyes glanced down to the bottom of his screen that was flashing, letting him know that he had a message.
    "Who's this...?"
    Normally people just emailed him, not actually found his msn name and questioned him that way.

    Well, might as well see what this girl wanted.
    Jax clicked on the little icon and a small chat screen popped up.
    "Sure, I have a little time."
  3. Mickey nodded and watched as a chatbox screen popped up on her computer screen. She took a drink of orange soda and set the can down and started typing.

    Great! What are your interests?

    She hit send, hoping it wasn't another "wrong type of guy." She glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost midnight. She usually didn't get to sleep until one in the morning.
  4. 'Interests?' he replied in slight confusion.
    Ah, wait.
    Of course, she probably had just searched out his screen name from his blog and wanted his advice for free.
    Well...he didn't have too many emails to respond to tonight so he shrugged and replied.

    'I'm sure you searched me up or something but I help girls hook up with guys they like, which I believe you know.
    So, normally I charge for this but if you type fast enough maybe I'll help you for free.'

    He left it at that and waited for her to respond with what she wanted to ask.
    No one had ever messaged this account for actual personal reasons, wanting to get to know him or something like that so he didn't bother actually answer her 'what are your interests' question.
  5. Mickey heard the 'ding!' of the incoming message. She clicked on it and when she read it, she raised a questioning eyebrow. She was quite good at the computer and did have a little know-how in the hacking area.

    Actually I don't know who you are. And I can hook myself up just fine thanks. That's what I was trying to do here.

    What could she tell him? That she had apparently hacked into this guys computer? She rolled her eyes and hit send.
  6. Jax fidgeted.
    Something seemed off with this girl.
    Maybe it was one of the people's ex's pissed at him for something?

    'I don't usually do hookups for myself. It's a pain. Are you sure your not wanting my help because I usually don't give out this msn to people who aren't my clients or on my private blog...'

    He really was confused about this person. How had she found him?

    Jax minimized the window to keep working on the previous email, had to get work done or he didn't get his money.
  7. Apparently you must not get out much. You should try it sometime.

    She hit send. One of these nights before bed she would have to do some research and see if she could dig up more information on him. She finished her soda and crushed the can and tossed it into the trash were it made a muffled thunk as it hit the bottom.
  8. Jax noticed the little flash at the bottom of the screen and pulled it up to view.
    He twitched at the message, rolling his eyes as he started to reply.

    'I totally go out plenty but I don't have the patience to deal with people outside of the internet.'

    No reason not to be truthful there, Jax had a bad attitude when it came to people trying to hit on him.
    Sure he didn't mind looking but when people got right in his face to ask for dates or favors? No way in hell.

    'I have work to do so if you don't need me for my services then please refrain from using this contact information again.'

    He closed the window and hoped she didn't respond to make it pop up again because he seriously needed to get on with his actual work.
    The apartment didn't pay for itself.
  9. She saw the message and closed the chatbox and once more glanced at the clock. It was time for bed anyway. She shut down her computer and closed her laptop. She showered and changed into pajamas and crawled into bed after setting her alarm for classes the next morning.
  10. Jax got his emails finished without anymore interruptions, thank god.
    He finished up everything and turned off the computer.
    Then he took a quick shower to just wash off because he proffered to scrub himself in the morning and not at night.
    Sure Jax usually slept more during the day but he was starting classes, transferring to be exact, so he needed to start being awake during the day.
    Thank goodness vampires didn't really go 'poof' in the sun.

    So, once he had everything ready for tomorrow he turned off all the lights and curled up into bed.
    Yes, he had a bed, not a coffin.
  11. Her alarm buzzed loudly in her ears. She groaned and smacked the snooze button. She lay in bed for a while but then got up and turned off her alarm and turned on her bedroom light. She grabbed her clothes for the day and went into the shower. She turned on the shower, getting it warm like she liked it. It felt good on her skin. She got some soap on the scrubby and washed her body, humming a little as she did. Once done in the shower, she dried herself off and wrapped her favorite purple towel around herself and blow dried her hair. She otherwise got ready for her classes and headed out to her car, but not before smacking into a man that felt like a brick wall. She stumbled and started to loose her balance.
  12. Jax woke up with a groan.
    Oh god, it was sooo early!
    He was already in a bad mood and his eyes weren't even open yet.
    It was barely nine AM and he wanted to gouge his eyes out to force himself not to go outside.
    Instead he forced himself to get up and stumbled into the shower.
    It was extremely hot and nearly burned his butt off, it was nice, if I may add though.
    Anyways, he got out after scrubbing up and down and then dried off quickly.
    Jax decided on a standard pair of torn up jeans and a black tight T-shirt. On top of that he tossed on a jean jacket before running his fingers through his hair.

    "Alright...let's see."

    Jax headed for the fridge, grabbing a water bottle full of blood.
    It looked just like KoolAid so he figured no one would care.

    Then he was out of his apartment on the second floor and heading down to the lobby...only to collide with someone on his way to the door?
    The vampire stumbled a little since he hadn't had a good meal in a bit but he still easily managed to catch the girl before she fell and set her back on her feet.
    "My bad, hun."
    His voice was deep but not annoying so when he spoke and he gave her a careful smile as well.
  13. She stared at the man who had caught her before she fell. The first thought that came to mind was certainly cute.

    "It's ok."

    She was a little shy when it came to meeting people at first in real life.

    She looked back at the man she had run into. He was wearing a black tshirt that clung to his muscles and worn out blue jeans. She tried not to show her intrest in him. She noticed the water bottle he was carrying and the red liquid in it. It looked like coolaid but yet it seemed to thick for that.

    "Sorry about just colliding into you. I'm on my way to college classes."

    She sighed. Another nice day that she had to spend in doors.
  14. The boy raised his eyebrow and his smile became a tiny bit more guanine.
    "Me too. Just transferring to a local college, NYU."
    He started walking again, figuring she would as well since she was on her way out anyways.
    "I'm not really a morning person though, so pardon if I growl at you."
    He wasn't joking about the growling.

    Once outside he nearly hissed as the sun hit his eyes.
    Jax quickly got put on some sunglasses and took a long swig of his drink.
    God this was gonna suck!
    He quickly climbed onto his black Apache motorcycle, getting himself situated in the darn heat of the morning sun.
  15. As Mickey got into her slightly rusted Chevy, something he had said hit her as she turned her car on. NYU? That's where she went to college. She frowned a little and pulled out of the driveway. There were speed bumps all around the appartment so she went slow, her backpack tossed onto the passenger's seat.
  16. Jax didn't bother with the speedbumps as he zoomed past her car and dodged into the open spaces of the bumps.
    Good thing about motorcycles, they didn't usually have to follow the rules.
    He vanished around a corner and pulled into the school parking lot ten minutes later.
    Good thing it was a decently fast ride.

    Jax didn't wear a helmet so his hair was a complete mess when he pulled in but it still managed to look good on him.
    He ran his fingers through the black mess before getting off the bike and shifting his backpack on his shoulders.
    "Alright, off to biology I guess."
  17. Mickey found a parking space and slung her backpack over her shoulder. Biology first thing in the morning. Wonderful. As she walked into class, she ran straight into another brick wall.

    "Really. I hope this isn't going to become a daily thing."

    She said. But then she realized who she was talking to.


    She exclaimed. Several heads turned in their direction but then went back to whatever they were doing.
  18. Jax flinched and nearly hissed when someone ran into him.
    He whirled on the person and leered but it softened slightly as he noticed it was her, the girl from this morning.
    His attitude was pretty crappy since it was really bright in the class room and he wasn't used to being around so many young people, freaking noisy!
    Jax quickly stalked to the back of the room and dropped down into the seat furthest from people and any window.
    Then dropped his bag to the floor.
    Time to be bored to death.
    Not because he didn't like biology, believe it or not, but because he had it all memorized for the most part.
  19. Mickey shook her head and went to her own seat, next to her best friend and roommate Nichole.

    "Who was that?"

    Nichole asked.


    Mickey said, playing dumb.

    Nichole rolled her eyes.

    "Oh please. I saw you talking to him."
  20. The teacher came in a bit later but they didn't seem to care when some students talked quietly.
    The woman started with the periodic table and Jax rolled his eyes.
    Time for a nap...

    He was awoken by the teacher slipping a quiz on the lesson on his desk.
    "Jax Dalain, I hope you paid attention during the lecture."
    She knew he didn't and that's why she was grinning down at him.

    Jax grumbled under his breath and yawned, then pulled out a pen and filled out all twenty questions before handing the paper to her.
    She brought it back to her desk and waved it in front of the class.
    "So then. This would be why you shouldn't sleep in class."
    She grabbed the paper and read the answers.
    They were all right.

    "How...did you know all the answers when you were sleeping?"

    Jax shrugged and grinned, grabbing his bag and leaving since class was now over anyways.
    Time for English Lit.

    (going zzZ)