Online Shopping

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  1. Where do you shop online?

    Come on give it up! Where do you go online to find awesome deals on cool stuff?

  2. Usually, just Newegg for my computer parts.
  3. I also shop at Newegg!

    Also... eBay, Amazon, ThinkGeek, Etsy, Hot Topic, Midtown Comics, Steam, and Sugar Bunny.

  4. CDJapan for my MoMusu fix, but I don't really shop online, I just go to stores, I'm too impatient for shipping 90% of the time u_u
  5. Amazon mostly. Occasionally ebay for weirder stuff - cosplay wigs and the like.

    Only other place I ever use is very occasional custom collars. Yay me~
  6. Amazon and eBay are were I do much of my shopping. Plus eBuyer for computer parts and p8ntballer for paintball gear and what-not.
  7. Thinkgeek or Amazon.
  8. eBay has some great prices for things which in retail are ridiculous (mostly craft-related, like buttons!). I don't like to do tons of online shopping, but my favorite online book-buying place is (Or, but that's hardly buying.) Also, for yarn: or :D
  9. Google Shopping and eBay
  10. I like ebay and Also, for Metal merchandise, hard to find band shirts and such, This place.
  11. For video game related shirts, Sharkrobot. Otherwise, I just go out to buy jeans and the like. Like Wal-mart. I don't need fancy, overly priced clothes. One of the main reasons why I hate suits. Too expensive and not comfortable.
  12. I shop Amazon when I ain't broke. I was looking for a slushie machine yesterday and I was rather frightened by the price...

    *Becomes a pimp*
  14. I usually go to NCIX for computer parts. They have some amazing deals from time to time. Otherwise I don't buy much online.