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So I finally got a speedy enough interbutt connection to go online with my consoles and in an attempt to further alientate myself from the people I actually KNOW. . .

=D Dis be where you talk about your online gaming...things! Username or whatever you guys call them. *waves hand dismissively to try and cover up addict jitters*

I go online with my PS3, so my PSNetwork name on thar is 'CardboardBoxie'. I have a Wii but haven't had the chance to go online with that I don't know what my friendcode or whatever that is, yet.

ALSO: Suggest games here!
So you will finally be enjoying the world of PC gaming huh? Well if you ever need a buddy for support in FPS's I'm there.

1. Counter Strike Source - I usually do a zombie server that is fun. We escape to a certain point on the map in some maps while running from the zombies. It is fun and I try to be the guy, the leader, that saves everyone who is left behind. Other than that I do not think I do to well when flashbangs are involved in that game.

2. Call of Duty 4 & 5 - Another fun FPS. I enjoy it and recently been doing more hardcore servers. My weapons are usually set up to do some long range killing. I'd say if you get into this the best guns you can probably start out with are the semi-automatic rifles like the g3 and the m14.

3. Ragnarok Anthem Version - Yeah I play ragnarok and I have a level 82 or something Assassin Cross. So if you need help in there leveling I'll be happy to aid you. Go to to get this version.

I believe that just about does it for the games that I play more often. I have a few other games but I have not played them in awhile. I'll be getting Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 when it comes out in November. Now onto usernames that you will find me under.

Steam: insanityplea <--this is my contact name my in game name is Pseudoping

Call of Duty 4 & 5: Pseudoping

Ragnarok Anthem RO: Pseudoping, Pseudoheal, Pseudomage, Pseudox (Pseudoping is my assassin cross.)

Hope that helps you explore da' world of PC gaming.
I play Gunz: The Deul on occassions under the name 'Julius_Ryker.' Go figure...

On PSP I use the name 'ArsenalXA3' on both SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 and Star Wars: Renegade Squadron. In SOCOM I'm part of the Skype clan.
On the XBox 360, I'm under the gamertag

I play a variety of games. ^_^

Navy Field EU. The game is about 1 GB in size, free to download. The game places you in control of World War 2 naval craft. Beware of pricks, Germans, and Brazilians.

ID: capnnic, play in Hood server, level 54 Kriegsmarine (CA Prinz Eugen as main ship), level 24 United States Navy (DD Somers as main ship). In before "GET AN IOWA YOU MAGGOT"

Warmaster Death also plays this, but on a different set of servers. I believe he's playing the US version.

Also, on Xbox Live, Warmaster Death is lurkin' mostly i play fps' and action packed games.

oh, and warmasterdeath is my account name in DDO........Myraddin Steelfist is the characters name.
Note: My XBox Live gamertag is now
N3ko Miru

They should make a anime series girls touhou.