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  1. We've all been exposed to it somehow; we've done it ourselves, or had friends that have tried it. And with this age of social networking, it's almost impossible to NOT meet someone on the internet.

    What are your thoughts on online dating? Would you do it, HAVE you done it? Do you think relationships are just as successful starting online? Do you think they're better if started that way?

    So on, and so forth.
  2. I tried it once. It was so cliche it you could lol. I had a Canadian girlfriend. For like a month, but I at least wasn't lying.
  3. I think it can happen, but it takes a lot of dedication and a willingness to carve out a niche for that person in your real life, not simply relegate them to online. I will admit to having indeed done this, and no it was not successful for me, but other people have achieved good results. An important aspect is that, even though it's online, you have to meet each other at some point because we're humans and we crave more than just a computer screen and a speaker.

    There are some that do, yes, work. I have faith that if the two people are both really willing to do whatever it takes, just like any relationship really, it will succeed.
    For example, Lycan and Zeon. They were two members here that started dating after meeting on Iwaku. They're now living happily together and have been dating for about two years now. They started out living in different states but they moved in order to accommodate their needs together.
    In short, like any relationship, it can fail and it can work.
  4. ...Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.

    So anyway yeah, Kitti spits truth. One drawback however is if your bullshit detector isn't well-developed you have a greater chance of accidentally falling for some dumbass who has a tenuous grasp on sweet talking that your underdeveloped ass takes in like roofie-laced candy and you're stuck in GoingNowhereville.

    I may or may not be speaking from experience.

  5. On one hand, if both people are trying to be honest (being completely honest I think is unfortunately impossible, you can't see yourself objectively no matter how hard you try) it's a much easier way to get to know a person, but until you're in the same physical location there are things you're not going to know for sure, and yes, physical attraction is part of it. There is more that you'll discover in person then on line, but there's a lot of 'acting' that might be dropped in the first real date if people are already comfortable with each other.

    I've had my online crushes, and my failed relationships. Only thing I wish I had done differently was realize that I was not nervous about the meet and that I was no longer interested in one of the fellows I had been courting. I suppose like most things, it was a learning experience.
  6. It can work, but there are a lot of people out where that will use your heart as a doormat or as a wallet. Been burned, bad. Though corvus is the best thing thats ever happened to me. In that way its the same as regular dating.

    >:D *Ahem* but Seriously, unless you have Age + Money going for you, dating someone online is a bad idea. The distance will KILL you and inevitably may kill your relationship too. Yes, it's very easy to form strong bonds with people through the internet when you're being honest about who you are (and them too), but you still desperately need that PHYSICAL part of the relationship.

    I have had online relationships that were both awesome and bad. And I am currently with Gibs who is a result of an online relationship! I've had the kind where we were together for years and only got to see each other twice, and had to drop it cause it was never getting anywhere. And the kind where we were awesome with each other online, but in real life being together was just weird. And then with Gibs, there was no way I was gonna wait for years, and when he came to visit me for the first time...well... he never left. XD (P.S. SIX YEARS TOGETHER ON NOV 16TH!!)

    So yeeeees, I believe they can work out just as well as when you meet someone in real life first. It's no different. You've just got to deal with the distance which can be a huge strain on your emotions and pocket books.
  8. I'm generally not okay with it. I gave it a try once and could not handle it... I was committed to someone that was miles away from me, who I doubted was even being faithful in turn. Not to mention, I just can't stand being alone. xD; Yes, I am one of those people who can't handle being single for more than a few days... I like physical contact.

    When my friends would be like "I have a girl/boyfriend now!" and tell me they exist far away, I just shake my head in disapproval... I don't go "I told you so" anymore because it's mean, but these experiences always turn out bad for them. A friend of mine hooked up with some girl in France and it really didn't go well. But then again, that's...France. Zillion miles away. XD

    It CAN work still, though! Like Diana said, if you have the right age and the right amount of money, it can totally end up that the two will be living together happy as can be. :] Just gotta have your head in the right place and make sure your heart is as well. There are cruel people out there to hurt others, willing to disguise their true identity and true intentions with fake pictures, fake words, fake everything. It makes me so sad to see people wind up in the clutches of a bad person...
  9. IT'S ALL BULLSHIT. Da end. I did try that Chemistry.dom for the lulz of it. Many many weirdos on it and I got some effective trolling done on my end, so I had my fun and then blew the account up. Cuz I'm so slllllllick, man. I don't care for it, I don't believe it is really dating unless you actually meet the person sometime in real life.
  10. Pretty much the same as fluffy.
  11. Okay, that's an interesting story, please, continue elaborating so that we may all enjoy this tale that will surely end in one of two ways: a) trainwreck or b) crowning moment of awesome.

    The one time I considered trying it, the girl on the other end was a transgendered dude in Canada. What the hell is up with Canada? We need more Wolverine/Bioware and less Alpha/Omega Flight from them.

    I prefer live relationships, because those you can take out for drinks and dancing. Oh, and jump into bed with more easily. Kinda hard to do online.
  12. Naw, I'm just pulling shit out of my ass-- but that is still a thing that you'd have to consider in both online and actual relationships. I mean, look at Elizabeth Smart.