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  1. I fucking LOVE onions!

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  2. I like onions.

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  3. No real opinions. They're just.....there.

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  4. Bleh. I can eat them, but I'd rather not.

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  5. I go out of my way to avoid them.

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  6. I fucking HATE onions.

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  7. I can only tolerate certain forms of onions. Onion rings, etc.

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  1. "I'll buy some stuff online."
  2. Belle

    She nodded slowly "I do appreiacte your optimism for all this." It still hurt her to think about it all.


    "I know dumb question." She grumbled lightly "Just being cautious and all. I know how calculated you are, it's just easy to forget certain details."
  3. “I know better than to look in certain things.”
  4. Belle

    She bit her lip, hard. With the back of her hand she wiped the side of her mouth and pulled back to reveal a light amount of blood. This had become a bad habit after he disappeared and she realized it was happening again. She sighed and claimed "Why would anyone do that? He was a good agent, he...he shouldn't have been hurt for anything."


    She blushed slightly "Should we head to the Cloaks headquarters soon or should we enjoy our freedom as long as we can?"
  5. John

    He pulled a tissue from his bag and handed it to her. This was a bad habit of hers. "I don't know, maybe it wasn't intentional, maybe someone was compromised."


    "Let's just enjoy our freedom. They'll tell us when they are ready for us."
  6. Belle

    She pulled the fabric away from her lips and asked quietly "Should we head outside for a moment?"


    "Neither am I." She admired quietly and stifled a yawn "A day without fighting any one is enjoyable anyway."
  7. “Melissa is a loner though. Family makes her antsy.”
  8. “She doesn’t know anyone else.”
  9. "His free will was violated? Like when Diana was concieved."
  10. "We were young. The gaps between were certainly bigger."
  11. “Oh? Which half am I?”
  12. @All, I've got hopefully enough things set up that everyone knows the details concerning the market. I'd really like to hear some opinions, questions, and suggested storylines we can pursue with this idea. Let's get to talking!
  13. Jacqueline

    "Id like to look more into the Rivers later. The parents are cute in the picture...oh..." I see their little girl in the picture of the article. She's got her hair in little pink tails, with blue bows securing them. They are all smiling and it hurts me to see.

    "Right. One case at a time." I click back and claim "The article claims the family was neglectful. I can't find anything to suffer abuse but..." I read through it "Oh I think I know why Itzlie is here. Apparently the author accuses them of being not so sympathetic with the abnormal population...holy mother of pearl this man has an article written simply off of abnormals!" I decide to save that article for later. I blink once again as he calls me Watson. I actually love it. I grin "Okay, Holmes, think you can research any credit card purchases possibly made by an Ivan?" My head tilts "Perhaps someone could have stolen his identity, and if that's so, perhaps they know more. Maybe not, but I'm real curious, considering his wealth."


    "He caught you?" I ask her concerned and I am relieved as she says that she was able to get away without much trouble, and that he was considering showing her to the assistants, rather than hurting her. I figure the kid just figured Rina was a new house mate, at least I hope that's the case.

    "Well...what did you tell him? Maybe we can sneak back in...just tell him you fell in love with the house and wanted to stay." I shrug my shoulders. I figured that should work.


    I kiss her forehead and lazily bring my hands up to rub my eyes, to get the sands of sleep out "Man..." I laugh softly "Today has been absolutely insane. How are you holding up Vi, is everything okay with you?" I ask her and brush my hand against hers again.


    She tells me that the desicions I've made were...oh God help me if my heart doesn't want to continue working right now, because sure as hell it doesn't "I-I'm trying Itzlie...oh God I'm trying to protect these kids...i love these kids...I love you, I love Samuel for Gods sake! Everything I've been trying to do is for the sake of this home, of its residents, I'm trying to do what I can, but you know what? Sometimes doing what you can...sometimes it doesn't work the way you think it will. I swear to God this desicion hurts me, I-I might even change my mind...I don't know...Itzlie I don't know anymore...I don't know what's right or wrong. Everything I try...I try to do it for the right reason." I don't know why I'm picking this fight and being defensive, my chest is heaving and I know I should let it go.

    Isn't picking a fight the reason I've been hurt so much? Why not just fall limp and take it?

    I swallow painfully. Some memories are seeping back in, the sound of...voices. One voice.

    I can't allow myself to go into panic. I know I will if I'm not careful.

    I can barely hear her last words and now my heart feels like shattering. I open my mouth in a gape but nothing comes out. I feel like I'm suffocating on my own exhales.
  14. After she got off, he walked over to the bathroom.
  15. (Yea)


    "We've proven our loyalty time and again. They wouldn't dare suspect us. And if they do, we survive, by any means necessary." He stared at the floor before saying the last sentence.


    He chuckled at her answers. "Kind of, we didn't really eat breakfast or anything."
  16. Guns will never be a part of Naruto, but everything else seems like it would be there.

    But I get really gay and avoid them when I'm around company ;(


    *rips off onion's outer layers and throws it down on cutting board* You're mine tonight. . .
  18. Tears form on Paorou's face.

    He shyly turns away to hide them.