Onii-chan...i love you ^^!

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  1. Bellesa D'Formantigua was a 16 year old high school/online college student. She lived with her parents and today was the first day of summer, which meant she was moving in with her brother. Smiling a bit she picked up all the different luggages needed and let herself go into the airport. Taking in a deep breath she went trough all the painful and annoying procedures and then  gently smiles as she gets into the plain. She wasted five hours in that plain and then finally reaches the distention. (You can pick where you live). She was well...a nerd. No one even glanced at her as she picked up her things and put them on the cart. He hair was in a messy bun which hid it's color, she had thick circled glasses with tape holding it together. The nothing on her face that one can see is her plump kissable lips and dimple piercings. She had on a black sweater that didn't show a speck of her curves or even what size here breasts were. She had on a very kindergarden teacher skirt that also didn't show her curves and reached ankles. She had cute small feet protected by sandals. She picked up this style ever wince she was seven so of course he would know what she looks like from a simple glance of the eye.