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The world of the humans is growing and expanding all over the world the world of the mystical creatures in turn is shrinking dramatically but what most humans didn't know if that there is a secret hidden high school made for the strong and smart.

The name of this school oni high in this high school the students are taught and trained to use their abilities without hurting anyone oh one more thing this is a school for everyone who is deemed worth. Werewolf, demons, androids you name it it's probably here you don't see many human in this school but you may see them here and there.

The entrance exams to test those that wish to enter this school it will test your strength, your mind, your reflexes and agility and lastly your ability to think fast in battle.

Now the reason this high school is so well hidden is because its hidden in another realm for earth but the entrance exams aren't.

The exams are on earth in the most far of remote part of it finding it is the first test.

Secretly the school is training the students to become warriors in order to push back the humans and reign supreme over the whole world.

You can be any race you want or can think of

and you can start off any where on here.


Character Name:


General Appearance:


Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
Inner Personality:


General History:

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:

1: no god moding it not fun for the other players
2:you can't kill other players characters without there consent

Now your characters are going off to find Oni high thanks to a strange hooded figure that gave you a map one night

I'm definitely in this <3 FANTASY + HIGH SCHOOL = SAKURA IS THERE :D

OKAY DONE :D Let me know if they're both okay and if not, what I need to change :)


Character Name: Kasai, Hiroshi
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Dragon-Human
Age: 18
Birthplace/World: Born in the Dragon Realm/Raised in the Human World
Occupation: Part-time Waiter at a local cafe
More: "Nothing in this world is impossible"


General Appearance:

Strengths: combative, physical strength, and speed
Weaknesses: social/conversational abilities, emotions/feelings
More: Hiroshi is not good at expressing how he feels and no longer bothers to try.


Current Goal/Purpose: be the best student at Oni High
Talents: adept in combat, lightening quick speed, and physical strength.
Inabilities: conversing with people, dealing with emotions
Fears: demons, vampires, dragon-hunters
General Personality: practically nonexistent as he is quite anti-social.
Inner Personality: kind and caring, a little overprotective of those he considers dear to him, but he does not want to and does not know how to show these emotions. He feels that they are better locked away so as not to get in the way of his goals.
Secret: Hiroshi's mother died when he was seven years old. He killed her. It was an accident.


General History: Hiroshi's mother was a human with supernatural powers and thus, when she came into contact with Hiroshi's father, the two settled down in the dragon realm, where Hiroshi was born. Shortly after, however, his father moved them to the Human World (Earth) and they raised their son as a normal human child. When he was about six years old, however, Hiroshi's dormant dragon powers began to show themselves. Hiroshi, though it was not intentional, caused the death of his mother a year later. His father, despite the pain, struggled to teach the boy how to control his powers, but Hiroshi became more and more solemn after his mother's death. He rarely spoke, never smiled and sat in his room in darkness for long periods of time. When he was about eleven years old, his father gave up trying to pry open his shut heart and left him with his maternal uncle's family. With his father gone back to the dragon realm, Hiroshi felt even more alone. In a family of humans, he was a dragon-boy who had been abandoned. Although he felt hurt because of his father's actions, Hiroshi could not bring himself to voice or act upon these feelings. Slowly, his will to express his inner emotions faded into a cold exterior.

Present Life: Now in his third year of highschool at a local school, Hiroshi also works part-time at a cafe as a waiter. Even though his job involves talking to people, he adverts himself into the kitchen with the cooks instead. When he receives the map to Oni high he is immediately inclined to leave his uncle's house and so he does.

Special Historic Notes: Although Hiroshi has not heard from his father since, his uncle has kept in touch through letters.


Character Name: Lilac Pearl
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human/Magical Girl - Fairy Species
Age: 17
Birthplace/World: Born & Raised in the Human World
Occupation: None
More: Lilac is fully human, but has magical powers akin to faeries.


General Appearance:

Strengths: Magical Spells, Weaponry-Combat, Agility
Weaknesses: Physical strength


Current Goal/Purpose: to find her step-father and kill him.
Talents: Gymnastics, Flexibility
Inabilities: physical strength, arguing with someone
Fears: heights, distrust, betrayal
General Personality: Cheerful, polite and bright-eyed, Lilac lights up the room when she walks in. There's just something childish about her that makes people feel comfortable, but at the same time, it's that same quality that creates trouble no matter where she is.
Inner Personality: Just as kind, but a little more intellectual. Lilac doesn't let off her intelligence to everyone. She believes its better not to give people something to hold against you.
Secret: Lilac's step-brother is a vampire.


General History: Lilac's mother, Pea, was a kind, selfless fairy who helped humans without hesitation. On one account, she came into contact with a pure blood vampire and healed his severe injuries. The two met many times after that and Pea fell in love with the dangerous man. She fled the fairy realm in fear of anyone discovering her betrayal to her own kind and bore him a child, Throse Pearl. Shockingly, the boy was a half-breed, but was born with pure blood powers. Pea's husband took the child and left for the vampire realm for training, leaving her alone and afraid. In the years that he was gone, Pea's childhood friend from the fairy realm, one of boys she had grown up with, came to see her. He was willing to sacrifice everything to live with her, even if she had done what she had done. Pea fell in love again and this time she had a baby daughter, Lilac. When Lilac was about twelve years old, Throse and his father returned to find Pea and her new family. Throse's father, in a fit of rage attacked Lilac's father, but ended up killing both Pea and her second husband. Lilac, scarred by her step father's actions, ran away from home. Her step father, after a heated argument with Throse, returned to the Vampire Realm. Throse attempted to reason with his sister, but Lilac was equally afraid of him. The two were taken in by a local orphanage, where they grew up as normal, human children, but Lilac would never forget what made her different from her step brother. While she was a fairy human, he was half vampire.

Present Life: Lilac, currently enrolled in a local highschool, lived the normal life of a human teenager. She spent time with her friends, went to school, and helped out at the orphanage in return for letting her have a place to stay. For nearly a year, she had totally avoided Throse and the two had barely spoken to each other. The invitation to Oni High was an exciting breath of relief. Lilac assumed that the training she'd received from the fairy realm for dark-creature hunting would help her get in and then she could work towards her ultimate goal, killing her step-father and avenging her mother. Although Throse was a vampire as well, there was a sibling bond that stopped her from being able to hurt him. He had taken care of her as a sister, after all, and Lilac had forgiven him anyway. Throse had never wronged her.

Special Historic Notes: After being taken into the orphanage, Lilac spent most of her vacations training in the fairy realm.

Finished. I may make a second character, but please tell me if this one needs any changes, first :].
Character Name: Daphne Wuthers
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Mostly human (grandmother on father's side was a half-demon)
Age: 14
Birthplace/World: San Diego, California; Human World
Occupation/School/Grade: Student/Canyon Crest Academy/9th Grade (Freshman D:)


General Appearance: She stands at five feet and four inches, with a long, lean torso and short, lean legs. Like the rest of her body, her arms are also lean, however, her face is soft oval-shaped. Her yellow blond hair covers her entire forehead with blunt bangs before (often) falling dead-straight to just below her shoulders on her right side (when facing her), while the strands of hair on her left side fall a few inches above the shoulder forming an assymetrical bob. Just below her bangs are her dark green eyes which have a bright green ring surrounding the pupil. She needs little makeup to bring out her eyes, and her light skin is rather clear, so she just applies a tinted cream, a little bit of foundation, and some sunscreen so that she can have the sun-kissed look without the sunburn.

She typically dresses in neutrals like black, white, and brown, opting for cool colors when she does use them in her wardrobe. She typically wears cute clothes that will just let her look decent but not let her wildly stand out.
Strengths: hand-to-hand combat, has a good steal of stamina and can run and/or hike long distances
Weaknesses: forming relationships/bonds, lack of training with earth powers
Special Ability: Can manipulate rocks and the ground, however, she has little training and thus can only handle pebbles and small samples of dirt.


Current Goal/Purpose: To hone her skills and put them to use.
Talents: First-degree black-belt in Taekwondo and long-distance running
Inabilities: Dating, acquiring friends easily, and handling firearms
Fears: That she'll never have friends, and that she will never be useful to anybody.
General Personality: Quiet and polite. Tends to keep most of her thoughts within herself, so there is not really much to like or dislike about her. She will speak sometimes, but it she tends to make conversations awkward quick if she does so. She seems to try but just not succeed in socializing with people.
Inner Personality: She is dedicated to her Taekwondo training, and diligent in her school work or really anything she does. She is somewhat more intelligent than people her age, but is not really a thinking type of person as much as she is a feeling type of person. She feels bad for all of the misfit creatures (like her grandmother) and through extension, herself. She is untrusting of most people her age, with the exception of other social outcasts.
Secret: She is able to manipulate the soil and rocks to a small extent. This ability was last seen in her grandmother, who could move float and manipulate boulders heavier than a small group of people.


General History: Daphne Wuthers was adopted by two older foster parents. Her foster-mom, Sylvia Wuthers, wanted to make sure that her child could defend herself, so Sylvia enrolled her adopted daughter in a Taekwondo class. Over the years, Daphne advanced up the ranks and managed to become a first-degree black belt. However, because her foster-mom allowed Daphne to learn Taekwondo, her foster-father, Nathaniel Wuthers compromised (to save money) with his wife by sending Daphne to public school. Daphne did rather well academically, but she rarely socialized with people. In Elementary school, it was okay for her after third grade when people finally managed to move past her "creepy" eyes, and she got a few friends.

However, in middle school, she lost all of her friends and ended up being ostracized. In her three-year long loneliness, she managed to find out one day while playing around with a pebble in the court yard that she could make the pebble move without touching it. The trick was kind of cool, so she started trying to repeat it more often with larger pebbles, but to no avail.

Present Life: She is still mostly removed from most of the social activities at her high school, but she is doing well academically. She has a few loose friends that might occasionally invite her to something, but she tends to decline knowing that it might not end well. Because of this, she spends her free time training to become a second-degree black belt and trying to practice her little trick in secret. The invitation to Oni High was a strange one, but she managed to beg her foster-parents to fund her moving over there. She is scared because she's not sure if she will get in, and not sure if she was worth her foster-parent's trust.

Special Historic Notes: Daphne was adopted at the age of 5 from an orphanage in the United States. She is not entirely aware of her family history other than that she was adopted, and that someone in her family was not entirely human.
Your guys characters are fine and very acceptable
mmm, I will try to remember to create a character for this.
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