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  1. Cheshire J. Kilmore (Because We Were Trapped)

    Name: Cheshire J. Kilmore

    Nickname: none
    Gender: Male
    Species: human
    Age: 19
    Personality: Cheshire is cocky, sarcastic, and some times perverted, but he can be charming, kind and understanding, even though those moments are few. He is irrational sometimes when he's angry and tends to run off. He is bisexual but not disrespectful, he actually doesnt really want a relationship he just likes to flirt

    Likes: Chocolate mint candy, (he is always seen eating it.) food in general, fireworks, rain storms.
    Dislikes: Silence, awkwardness, Licorice
    What do you hate the most about the Elders?: Umm is there an elder in our town I should know about?
    Other: He can talk and understand anything living (including plants), and has a persuasive, trusting presence.
  2. Okay. TY, Kraveing
  3. As long as you want. As I do like my current girls appearance, on the other hand, I really like the next one I found. Plus...next level means more powers, and cool stuff to use. But there no real rush at this point.
  4. *Slightly confused how Rules 1 & 2 co-exist*


    *But interested enough to join once a character appears inside mah head*