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I have had this Rp idea for a and was wondering if you guys like it it would be a modern/Fantasy reply if u like

The world of the humans is growing and expanding all over the world the world of the mystical creatures in turn is shrinking dramatically but what most humans don't know if that there is a secret hidden high school made for the strong and smart.

The name of this school is oni high in this high school the students are taught and trained to use there abilities without hurting anyone oh one more thing this is a school for everyone who is deemed worthy werewolf,demons,androids u name it it's probably here you don't see many human in this school but you may see them here and there.

The entrance exams to test those that wish to enter this school it will test your strength,your mind, your reflexes and agility and lastly your ability to think fast in battle.

Now the reason this high school is so well hidden is because its hidden in another realm for earth but the entrance exams aren't the exams are on earth in the most far of remote part of it finding it is the first test.

Secretly the school is training the students to become warriors in order to push back the humans and rein supreme over the whole world.

You can be any race you want or can think of

and you can start off any where on here

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Character Name:


General Appearance:


Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
Inner Personality:


General History:

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:

All those who like this get a thumbs up from :bananaman: and if you want to add anything to this RP please do I'm not all that great on story lines.
I like this! It's a good story line! It could use a slight bit of more fleshing out, but otherwise awesome! Where is the school located exactly? Is there an "Entrance Exam", or some way to decide whether or not a student is worthy of joining into the school? What about the teachers?

Just flesh it out a little more and I'm sure it'll turn out great!
Interesting! could use a few more tweaks and then add a character sheet!
oh rlly like what? when u say tweaks can u give me a hint please
Sounds really good! I'd love to help out if you'd like, I'm running a similar game myself! As TK said, the character sheets would be a good place to start. And think about what you want your players to play, as well as some of the locations
thanks for the info and im happy u dnt mind helping
It's really shaping up!
*rides in on his puntuation nazi motorcycle, cape plapping in the wind and the smell of mur in his breath*

Its a good idea but adding commas and periods would make it easier to read.

On the fleshing out side, adding in a name for the realm that the school is in (perhaps a brief description too) and exactly why the school wants to push the humans back (other than preserving their kind) would go a long way to adding depth.