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  1. Okay, this will hopefully be my thread that will be an open call to RP with me. I will update this post with a list of current ideas and/or characters that I am hoping to use, along with a list of general themes I'm interested in if you have your own ideas. Now, I know that apparently underage stuff like Shota and/or Loli is not permitted in thread form, but it is acceptable in PMs, so let me just say that I don't mind these things, but I do generally prefer thread-based RPs, so I may turn down even good underage plots if I have too many PM RPs going on.


    If you have an idea and want to pitch it to me, keep these things in mind. First, while I'm okay with playing a male in a hetero RP, I don't do it much and prefer other things, such as playing the female in these situations. Second, if it is homosexual, I ALWAYS play the submissive role, so the Uke in Yaoi and whatever the term is in Yuri. That does not mean I'll always be timid and weak, but as far as the relationship is concerned, my character will be the submissive one. Third, and this is the most important one, I have a fairly set list of things I DO NOT EVER allow. I'll include it shortly, but if you insert these in, my interest is likely to nose dive unless it's to illustrate that a particular character is screwed up. Some other things I tolerate and/or like, but not enough to have them be constant. That list will also be present. If it isn't on any list, I either don't know about it, haven't tried it, or am fond of it. Thank you.

    Anything toilet related
    Feet and/or Armpits
    Furies (animal ears and/or tail is fine, but full-on anthro animals is out)
    Torture (for sex)
    Needle play


    Orgy/Group Sex
    Hardcore BDSM
    Rape/Non Consentual
    Drug Use
    Electro Shock


    Age Difference (prefer no one older than 30 though)
    Light Abuse
    Cross-Dressing (MC)

    Open Character Concepts

    Len Yukimura
    15 y/o Uke Male
    Vocalist in a band

    Tatsuya Katokage
    12 y/o Uke Boy
    Kidnapped and sold into slavery

    Storyline Ideas
    Together Again
    MC is the fraternal (not identical) twin brother of YC, but due to the parents splitting when the characters were young, they've never really known each other. MC lived with the mother, while YC lived with the father. After many years apart, the two brothers end up attending the same school (perhaps college?). MC is very feminine in appearance and not that tough, being a known Uke in an abusive relationship. YC befriends MC and they start to become close.

    This RP is designed to be an Yaoi Incest RP, but can be twisted into a Yuri Incest or Hetero Incest as desired (though in both of the latter cases, I will play the female). It can also remove the relationship element altogether, instead focusing on the two discovering their relation and YC trying to get MC to leave his bad relationship. Ideally though, if it is to be an Incest RP, neither character realizes that they are related for quite a while (different last names and neither knew they had a twin).

    Hot For Student

    MC is a young man/woman/c-boy who has just started attending a new school due to the loss of his/her parents. MC lives alone and YC, a somewhat veteran teacher, is asked to keep an eye on MC. What follows is attraction, then lust, and finally romance.

    MC is very malleable in this RP, and the RP itself is very free-form. It can be Yaoi, Yuri, Hetero, or involve a cunt-boy character. MC's age is also free to be decided. Could be Shota/Loli aged, teenaged, or close to adulthood. Just let me know what you want, and I'll see what I can do.

    Princess in Another Castle

    MC is a noble lady, but is unmarried. Her sister is a princess in another region, and has sent MC to her current castle in the hopes that she'll find love. MC is bored, however, and isn't fond of being "treated like a lady."

    In this RP, YC can be a criminal of some sort who seeks to kidnap MC for ransom, a soldier or warrior who has come to serve MC, or even just a random person who has come to the castle for shelter. It's very open to discussion, so just let me know what you're more in the mood for.​
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    I'm interested in doing the Together Again RP with you ~
  4. Alright! Messaging you shortly so we can discuss the details.
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