Ongoing partner search!

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I can roleplay in school. My sleeping time tends to be from 10 pm AEST to 7 am.
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Most things, unless they're in my genre that I don't like. Favourite favourites though are fantasy, supernatural and slight romance depending on the roleplay. If it's a libertine, then its more. I can deal with horror. Yaoi is definitely a fav!
Hi there everyone! I'm Danger.

I'm looking for partners! I'm open to a lot of things, so don't be afraid to ask.

Pairings: Honestly, I can do most things. However, I really don't like animals involved. If we're doing supernatural, werewolves are welcome if they're in human form. If you want a specific pairing, ask me! If you would prefer not to choose and instead have a plot, tell me! I'm flexible and can work with a lot of things.

Plots: I much rather make plots with my partner than have them listed. This is an open request, and so if you have your own plot you want to do, I'm open to it.

"Rules": Please please please have good spelling and grammar. Of course the occasional typo is okay, but I will not roleplay with you unless you have proper grammar and spelling. Other than that, do tell me if you're going away for a while otherwise I'll be worried sick and spam you. Like, really spam you. <3

Send me a message via PM if you would like to roleplay with me! Also for any additional information c:

Thanks everyone!

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