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  1. looking for some romance/action. Yes sex may be included.. It can be in any era and I do prefer fantasy but I will go with anything I am just looking for something to suck me in to a new experience. hopefully its you. <3
  2. Would you like me to move this over to Libertine (T) roleplays? Roleplays with sex scenes are not allowed in the public forums.
  3. Sure. I was just saying it could happen so yeah? Sorry I'm newish
  4. That's okay! If you fade-to-black or otherwise stick to only implying sex happened rather than writing out the act, it's okay. It's only that Iwaku is an all-ages site, and we don't need a ten-year old's parents writing us that their kid learned some new words on our site! It could also get Iwaku in federal trouble if adults and teens write the nasty together, so we keep that stuff in the age-locked Libertine sections just to be safe. I'll move your thread there with a one-day redirect.

    Remember that just because a roleplay is Libertine doesn't mean it's a smutty or porno-esque roleplay; Libertine is equally for players who just want the option open, and there's plenty of good stories to be found.
  5. okay thank you!!!
  6. I am interested in this
  7. Really then sha'll we?
  8. I'm interested ^_^ I love fantasy roleplay