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  1. These are a couple ideas that I have put together in the last couple minutes. They aren't the best, and there is obviously room for them to develope. I am trying though. So, I do hope to find at least one person to do one of these, or something with!

    1. There is a vampire girl, who goes to a local community college. She is on the hunt for her next meal before she has to go into hiding for a bi, or move places. As she is at the college, she finds the perfect guy. She sticks close to him, trying to get him to trust her, or find a way that she can take him into a place where she can get at him. But She had found it hard to get the boy alone, and eventually develops a strong curiosity about the guy. She decides to wait to kill him until she finds out why she is so attracted to him, but then finds herself attracted to him.

    2. There is a girl (obviously) who is captured and sold to the king, queen and their son (or just the queen). She is from another land, so is considered a slave. She is constantly attempting to escape the castle, and the lands, so that she can return home. But every time she tries, she gets caught, and beaten severely. Eventually she comes up with the idea to woe the prince (or king) into falling in love with her, hopping that he would then set her free, or send her back to where she came from because he is ashamed or her because she is not of royal blood, just a lowly slave.

    3. This is based when women were not allowed in the army, and any found were banished to death. There is a girl hiding out in the ranks of the army, and one day one of the other male soldiers finds out that she is a women. After she begged him not to turn her in, telling him that she will just quit and will leave the army. He agrees. As she goes to withdraw herself, she is denied on the grounds that they are at the moment heading out for war. So no one may leave.The man still does not turn her in, but feels like he must protect her, since he is the only one that knows that she is a women.. While he is watching over her, he finds himself becoming attracted to the imposer.

    Obviously as I said I need partners(s) for these. We can tweak them around for anyone who is interested in them. This is my first time doing this, so I am very hopeful that there is at least someone interested in one of these, or has an idea for one. I am open to anything. Though I am fairly new to the website, I am not new to roleplaying.

    Let me know what you think.
    Hope to find someone soon^^
  2. I like the idea of the first one and wouldn't mind doing it with you :)
  3. Really?! That would be fantastic :D
  4. I'd like to participate in the second one!
  5. Really?! yay! that makes me so happy! ^^ Is there anything that you want to change about it?
  6. I don't see anything. I think it'll just be fun to let it develop as it goes. :) Let me know when you want to start it up.
  7. We can start it up when ever you want ^^ I am open to start whenever!
  8. Alright. Well I'm off to bed for the night but yeah, just make the IC whenever and I'll get to it as soon as I can. :D
  9. Sounds good ^^