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OnexOne RP Search!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by ForeverRed, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. Hi, I'm looking for anyone who amount mind doing a bit of a dark RP. If you don't like violence, abuse, and explicit language, then this isn't for you. Also I prefer anime pictures.

    Now is RP is about a man who grew up in a strict family who soulfully believed in law, and rules. His father was a strict cop, and would beat his children bloody if they didn't follow the rules. Growing up in a strict dysfunctional family, the man was bound to have a few bolts unscrewed in his head. The man grew up to be a cop, like his father, and also like his father, he is married to the idea of rules. When he finally four love, it was all good, but he tended to be....controlling. Very controlling. Soon, he wanted his lover to stop having friends. They said no, so he beat them, getting his way. After he beat them, he kissed them for hours apologizing. At first, the lover thought that was the only time, but things became worst. He began to put tracking devices in their cars, jewelry, and bags. Then he began to make a rule book on how they should act. If they messed up,r they were beaten.

    Warning, may be a rape scene in rp.
    The lover could be female or male, doesn't matter. Pm if interested.
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