OnexOne Romance ((Male charcater needed)) Plot inside

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  1. Mae is your average modern day free spirit. She never stuck with just one thing and settled. She liked a variety of things which seemed to make her life a little crazy. One day at an art exhibit you ((As in your male character)) were looking at a beautiful painting. There on the painting a girl was slowly melting into the earth but she had a smile on her face. Fire flies and a beautiful night sky covered the painting.

    Mae spots you looking at the painting. She walks over and says "Beautiful huh?". You look over at her and then back at the painting. "In a way but ,death isn't beautiful" You say as you sip your wine.
    Mae stares at the painting "She's not dying. I think she has found her purpose in life so she seems one with the earth now. Like she uses her purpose to keep the flow of things". You smirk a little as you can picture that now the painting that was once a little sad just became breath taking to you. You turn to thank Mae but as you do she is gone walking down to the next set of paintings.

    You call for the owner to wrap the painting up and get a price for you. The owner nods and goes to the creator of the painting. He returns very quickly and says "Sir she says its free and she hopes you enjoy it". You laugh in disbelief and ask if you could see this woman. The owner walks you to her and there Mae was.

    Anna-Mae Hills
    Mae grew up in the country. Her father was a teacher and her mother was a very successful dancer. She never went to college her parents wanted her to. Instead she moved to the big city and became a model her third day she was there. Most people don't understand Mae but Mae understands most people.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.