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  1. Hello everyone, I have been rather inactive on this site as of late but I hope to fix that with a few one on one role-plays. Before I list some of the ideas I have I will tell you a little bit about myself as a role-player.

    I tend to write at least two paragraphs per response although this is partially dependent on how much my partner gives me to work with. I do not role-play smut although I may do romance if the plot is particularly interesting. I can play either gender equally well and I don’t care what genders the characters are in a romantic setting. (The plot is more important to me.) I don’t like the one line style of role-play and would prefer it if my partner is able to put out at least 2-3 paragraphs per response. I will try to respond at least once a day if not more.

    Now that the technical aspects are out of the way we can get onto the fun stuff. I enjoy role-playing pretty much anything but I especially adore role-plays with supernatural elements. Out of the many supernatural elements I particularly enjoy ghosts and scary monsters. I like horrific stuff and actually enjoy it when a role-play includes some gruesome aspects. Although I enjoy pretty much anything supernatural there is one section of it I try to avoid, that part being the angel/devil section. It kind of makes me uncomfortable due to my lack of knowledge in that area and the fact it is something of a sensitive subject.

    Some of the world settings I enjoy are asylums (or other creepy settings), settings with superpowers, monster hunters, Japanese folklore, and to some extent school role-plays (the plot has to be interesting). Although these are the plots I really enjoy feel free to ask me about any plot.

    I am also open, and actually looking for, a few fandom role-plays. Whether or not I play an original character depends on the fandom and if there is a particular character I feel I know well enough to play. The list of things I want to roleplay is rather short but includes titles like D.Gray Man, Fairy Tail, K Project, and One Piece. I don’t have any real developed plots for these (although I do have some original characters) but feel free to ask me about them regardless.

    If you have any ideas for plots or want to make a plot you can say something here or send me a private message. I will try to respond to both quickly.

  2. I'll brush off my D.Gray-man OCs and do an RP of that with you :3
  3. I'd love to do a horror role play.
  4. Two heroes.

    Two very different power sets. A street avenger, and a literal demigod of cosmic power.

    One unlikely partnership.

    You in?
  5. Wow, got quite a few replies.

    Haruto: That would be great. If you have any specific plot ideas feel free to tell me. If you don't then I have a few ideas for Akuma (as well as some Innocence) our characters could be assigned to look for. If you want I could send you a few of my ideas in a private message (as well as a basic outline of my character if you want).

    Severusx: I would love to do a horror roleplay with you, I have a few loose ideas in my head but are there any you have that you really want to play?

    Young Wonderman: That sounds like an great idea, I actually already have an idea for a super power. Would you like to just start this or discuss the characters/plot a little bit first?
  6. I don't have any exact ideas, but some movies that I'd like to take ideas from are: The Grudge, The Ring, MAMA, and Insidious.
    Maybe Mirrors.