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  1. Alexander Colchester was quite confused as to why his father and him were stepping out if a coach in front of Buckingham Palace. The Buckingham Palace, in all of it's glory, mind you. As to why he was confused, well, the King doesn't invoke a Duke and his son for no reason. Had he done something wrong? Had his father angered His Majesty?

    Millions of thoughts swam through the young man's head. There wasn't a ball that day. Nor were any of the royals born on that day, so, it couldn't be a birthday gathering. What could it of possibly been? Asking himself this over and over again only seemed to heighten his nerves.

    He gave an inquiring look to his father; a man who was looked upon with high respect, a man who never got anything wrong, a man of business. Alexander always tried his best to uptain what was expected of him by his father, but that was never really easy. In response to the look he had given his father, the Duke merely responded with a good-natured smile. So, they really weren't in trouble after all.

    But as they walked up to the monarch in the throne room, Alexander knew something was, in fact, quite strange. Suddenly, his collar was too tight. Suddenly, the air felt constricted. Suddenly, he felt like he was drowning underwater, and gasping for air. But that all evaporated as they bowed in respect when they came to a stop.

    "Your Highness," began his father with a smile, "It is very nice to see you today."
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  2. "Duke Gregory Colchester." Sarah's father greeted him with a large grin and cheery voice. He approached the man and his son, arms wide and gesturing to the architecture of the palace around him. "I am glad to know you've proven me your willingness to take part in this event, here at Buckingham." It was Thursday, July 13th, and a party was being thrown for an engagement Sarah had no idea about. She was clueless, her father cynical and very high in the expertise of putting on a poker face. While Sarah sat up in her bedroom, getting her long luscious brown hair tweaked to perfection for an unknown reason, her father, the king, introduced his daughter indirectly to Alexander, Gregory's son. "Alexander, I'm sure your wondering why you're here today. It's quite spectacular, actually. You'll be meeting my daughter for the first time. Isn't that dazzling?"
  3. Alexander's father gave a bright smile. The young man had never seen the Duke smile so brightly before, which added to his puzzlement. The King also seemed so excited. Alexander's inferences floated around his mind, what could it possibly be? However, when he answered to the King, his response was loud and clear as a bell.

    "That would be a great honor, Sire." He had never met this girl, however, he heard some aristocrats talking about it in parties, and such. Why would the King want me to meet his daughter for the first time? It'll be just a 'Hello, goodbye.' thing, I presume.
  4. The king gave Alexander a huge grin. "I'm glad you think so. Tonight, beginning at evening, there will be a lovely event going on in the south wing. My servants are seeing to it right now." His eyes landed on Gregory, Alexander's father. "You sir, need to have a drink with me. It's been so long since I've last seen you. My daughter's maids do take quite the time to dress and style her to perfection. I wonder where she is..." He looked slightly over his left shoulder with a small 'hmph'. "Women... What more could they have possibly gotten done within the last hour?" The king turned from his position, facing Alexander's father once more. "Gregory," he began. "I'm sure your son wouldn't mind waiting without you for a few more minutes? I'm quite eager to tell you of some spectacular news about the party being withheld." His eyes darted over to Alexander, expecting him to accept his words and wait a few more minutes until Sarah came around. "She's lovely," he told him. "It's always nice to get to know someone beforehand..." He gave him a small smirk. Before this foreseen engagement is announced officially at tonight's party...
  5. His father gave a booming laugh in agreement to the King's words about women. "It has been a while, hasn't it? I'm sure Alexander won't mind a all." his father looked at him as he raised an eyebrow. "Hm?"

    Alexander answered right away. "No, of course not, Sire." He had seen his daughter at some balls, but never really talked to her. She seemed unapproachable, being the Princess, and the daughter of one of the most powerful men he'd ever met. "It would be a pleasure to meet such a lady. She seems quite delightful, from the way you are describing her." answered the young man with a small smile. He never actually thought that. He always thought her as reserved. Not delightful.
  6. "Lovely!" The king clapped his hands in trumph. "Let's be off, Gregory." Turning on his heels, the king strutted away in a high mannerly fashion, leaving Alexander alone and hearing nothing but silence for the next few minutes. However, the peacefulness of the atmosphere was soon broken by some chattering echoed through the air. It seemed to be coming from the north wing, a feminine voice sounding its way through, then two more.

    A beautiful young woman entered the main room. The others beside her, one on the left, the other on the right, were both her ladies in waiting. Sarah waved them off, smiling before turning to face Alexander from across the room. "Sir, I apologize for the delay," Sarah exclaimed, beginning to approach him. "Where has my father gone to? Is he perhaps taking a drink with your father?" She'd always put family before friends and her father was one family member she worried about maybe a little too much. He could've already been drunk for all she knew. That wasn't something she was hoping for. The brown-haired girl gave Alexander a bodacious smile.

    "Nevermind that. I'm sure they can handle themselves. May I have the honour of knowing your name, kind sir?"
  7. Gregory fell in step with the King, and soon disappeared along with him among the hallways of the castle.

    "Alexander Colchester, your highness." he bowed, and kissed her hand as he presented himself. He then backed up and continued. "I presume that you are Sarah? The King said only good things about you." He looked at the girl standing before him. She was really quite beautiful. She had long brown hair that cascaded down her back, and glittering blue eyes. He shook these thoughts out of his head, he had seen many pretty girls during his lifetime. So, this was nothing new, except the fact that she was the King's daughter.
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