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  1. I'm looking for more people to roleplay with and am especially interested in modern fantasy, paranormal and apocalyptic roleplays. If you have any one on one roleplays you wanted to try out, just let me know- I'm open to anything and will play characters of any gender and sexuality. I also have ideas of my own-

    A superhuman rp that takes place in a modern setting. Several decades ago, strange mutations and adaptations started to appear at random in some people, seemingly without any sort of pattern or explanation. Now every 1 in 2000 people in the world is born with one of these mutations, which can range from super strength to psychic abilities to pyrokinesis or telekinesis. These people are generally viewed as freakish and even dangerous, and once discovered started to be imprisoned and experimented on in an attempt to find the reason for these mutations. There is still no known reason for the mutations, and anyone found to have superhuman abilities of any sort is reported to the police and taken away to be imprisoned/experimented on. The general public doesn't know the specifics of what happens to these people once they're in the hands of the government, but there are rumors that along with being experimented on to find a genetic cause for their mutations, these people are sometimes specially trained by the government to be used as weapons, although it hasn't ever been confirmed if this is true or not and is mostly just a rumor spread by kids and teenagers who gossip about people with mutations as if they're make-believe monsters. People with superhuman abilities are sometimes discovered at a young age when their families, teachers and friends witness them using their abilities, but just to ensure that everyone with a mutation is found and imprisoned, everyone must undergo testing when they turn 16 to find out if they have any genetic mutations.
    My character is a boy named Quinn who has known from a young age that he has the ability to read minds, and despite the fact that mutations are somewhat rare and usually aren't seen in more than one person from the same family, his twin sister also has superhuman abilities (she has visions of future events sometimes and is unable to control when her visions come or what they're about). They had plans to run away from home on their 16th birthday to avoid being found out and imprisoned, but Quinn's sister is discovered just a week before their birthday arrives and is taken away. Quinn leaves home soon after that, a bit earlier than planned, and starts trying to find out where his sister has been taken. He spends several months in hiding, moving from one place to another and searching for his sister while trying to stay under the radar. One day he sees police cars and a government van outside the apartment building he's been staying in and hurries to escape, thinking he's been found somehow, but finds someone else with superhuman abilities has been staying in the same building as him and they're the ones the police have come for. Both of them escape together and try to keep from being caught. I don't have plans for what could happen next- we can see where things go from there if you're interested in this roleplay

    Sorry that description was so long, this one will be much shorter, I promise D: I'm also interested in trying out an apocalyptic roleplay where the whole world has been overrun by zombies. My character, a college aged boy named Aria, is struggling to survive in a city full of zombies after being kicked out of the group of people he was with. He enters a building looking for a place to rest only to find a horde of zombies, and a single person trying to escape them. The two of them barely manage to escape together, and he discovers that this person plans to leave the city and try to get somewhere less crowded, or maybe get to a place that's rumored to be safe and free of zombies. Aria begs to go with them, and we can see where things go from there. I'm also interested in horror roleplays, and anything involving vampires, demons or ghosts, so let me know if you wanted to try a different rp that you had in mind!
  2. Hmm, the first scenario sounds interesting! What type of gender do you prefer that other someone? Female?
  3. Female would work, I'm totally fine with whatever gender you'd want to play though!
  4. I'm probably going to pick female. Shoot me a PM and we can discuss this further!
  5. You still looking for a Partner?
  6. If you still want another role play of the first idea, I have a perfect character for it. :3
  7. im intrested in this :D if you dont mind my character being a mutant lol :P (or in my terms, hybrid lol) just shoot me a pm :3 (also i like playin females rather than males but I do play both)
  8. You've gotten a few offers already, but if you're still looking for partners, I'd be interested in playing a male character for the first one.
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