OnexOne RolePlay Anyone?

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  1. Hello! So I have a lot of ideas for some roleplays but no plots, so I'd love to add our ideas together to create an awesome roleplay! :) If anyone is interested I usually play the guy but I can totally play the girl, I play BxB and BxG, I love angst :)

    -Post at least once a day, I understand life gets in the way and if you can't post just let me know :)
    -Good Grammar/Spelling
    -No God Complex-ing your character
    -No killing my character unless we've talked about something like that. ​

    I'm so excited! Let me know if you're interested and we can talk about what we want to do :)
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  2. I'm willing to listen, I mainly roleplay the girl, so you can roleplay the guy. I'm new to the site so sorry if I seem weird. Not used to forum roleplays just yet.
  3. Hey, maybe we could do one together? I play as a girl, so that could work out. :D
  4. I'd love to role play the guy :) Was there anything you had in mind? I'm new here too so don't worry!
  5. Sounds great!! I'd love too :) Did you have something you wanted to do?
  6. College friends for a slice-of-life?
  7. What's "slice-of-life?"
  8. Basically normal life.
  9. Oh!!! Okay, yeah sure!!
  10. So you wanna start up the thread for us?
  11. I will after I eat dinner and I'll let you know!
  12. If you do, link me please.
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  13. I don't know how or where to create the thread, did you want to do it in the Inbox?
  14. Hm, I guess that can be a start for now.
  15. I'd love to roleplay with you too, if you're still looking! I usually play a girl.
  16. *Waves hands around* I'm interested! Could you PM me, if you are, so we could make up some epic plot line? :D
  17. Hii~
    I'm looking for another RP partner, if you're still interested for more.
    Shoot me a PM and we can discuss details. c:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.