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  1. Hey, I would like to do a onexone with someone. :) I need more rps. :3 I'd like someone who is fairly active, especially on weekends (I'm often online most of the day). I might be busy sometimes during the week myself but I'm online on most evenings. I like moderately long (about one large paragraph to two smaller paragraphs) to very long posts. If the posts are long it will probably take me longer to reply though.

    I'm most interested in pretty much anything fantasy (modern or historical), and I might be willing to try sci-fi, but I won't do any slice of life stuff. I prefer high fantasy though and modern fantasy. Also, I'm not really that good with romance so I would prefer a rp that isn't heavily focused on it. There can be some romance but the relationship would probably develop slowly. I'm more interested in having two characters that develop a strong friendship. :)

    Here are some very rough ideas I have:

    - Two characters find out they have special powers and are hunted by others that need them. They work together to escape from the enemy and maybe defeat them.

    - Some Mercenaries that hunt supernatural creatures, yet they are part supernatural creature themselves. However, they may or may not know this themselves and only find out later.

    - A person from modern Earth somehow ends up in a different world where a strange race of creatures similar to humans lives, but they can't communicate properly because they don't speak the same language. A person from this other world finds the Earthling and helps and guides them, and the human also helps them in return (could be sci-fi or fantasy).

    I usually play female characters but I will be a male if you want. Also, if you have a different idea for an rp plot you can mention it too. :D

    You can post here if you're interested or send me a pm. :)
  2. I could do that new found special power, being chased idea with you ^^ It sounds interesting :3
  3. Ok! :D I'll pm you and we can develop the rest of the plot and the characters. :)