OneXOne Ideas? Anyone?

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  1. Hello. I would like to do a onexone with someone, and here are my little plot ideas:

    1. Hidden
    A young girl who always sits in the back of the class and always has top grades has dissapeared. Her father is a detective and has been sent to the school to find out where the misterious messages around the school have been coming from. Most of them say things like "SURRENDER, or she will die" or "HURRY we will kill SHE IS SCARED must surrender SURRENDER". You are the only one who has noticed the girl's dissapearance.

    2. Tears of a Friend

    Your best friend's parents have been in a car crash and she is in the hospital. Her parents are dead, but she is going through a lot of pain and hasn't been told. She has lost a little of her memory, and only remembers a few of her best friends and her family. How will you comfort her?

    3. Dance
    It's the school dance and you went with your best friend. She is dressed in a simple black dress and flats. You meet her at the door and you are both nervous. She goes in first and you follow, just so people think you didn't go as a couple, even though you didn't know she secretly likes you. She keeps to her friends the first little bit, then goes over to get a drink by herself.

    4. Siblings
    There are two siblings, one is 19 the other is 8. The 19 year old is babysitting their younger sibling until their parents get back from their cruise.

    5. If you have any ideas..

    If none of the above meet your fancy, let me know if you've got some ideas =D
  2. I like Hidden, it plays into my character Allen's detective's intuition and sensitivity of something that's very off and seems paranormal.
  3. Awesome =) So, you want to do Hidden you say? Cool =) Here's pretty much what my character's like, just for the mind set for the roleplay, you can or cannot do this, your choice.

    Kate Rasti, a young girl only 16. She has jet black hair that comes down just above her shoulders like sheets of rain, split slightly to the left. She has bright blue eyes like the sky on a sunny day. She is very athletic and competitive, but keeps to herself mostly. Her father is a detective, so he's almost never home. Her mother keeps the house clean and feeds Kate on the monthly checks her father sends. She sits in the back of class, mostly because she's blind, but can perceive shadows and she has heightened hearing and smell. (She was blinded when she was very young while cooking, burning grease splashed her eyes, burning them and rendering them useless.
  4. I'll give it a go.

    Allen Seiei, 17 years old. He's got short black hair, midnight blue eyes with a scar on the left side of his face starting just barely above the eyebrow and ends close to his nose. He's a very analytic and tech-savvy person and isn't afraid to show how outclassed some idiots are (by using intelligence, physical prowess(he knows a special style of Martial Arts), or just plain misdirection). His father's a company CEO whose away for long periods of time, so Allen has his own apartment and dad sends him quite a bit of money to hold him over for a while.
  5. Awesome, Allen sounds like a cool guy. =D
  6. Small reworking but yeah, that was the general censuses of opinions for Allen.
  7. So, any questions or anything about the plot before I set up the roleplay link?
  8. I'd be interested in the sibling plot, seems like it could be fun, if you're still looking?

  9. I started a conversation with you. We'll talk there.
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