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  1. Hello, I really enjoyed your posting style and was curious to whether you'd like to roleplay. And, Mind me asking what Genre's you might be looking for?
  2. Modern fantasy and horror anything really but scifi not good at it lol btw use to live in seattle i go there every summer haha beautiful area
  3. I agree, I love living here it's an awesome place!

    Sounds good to me, I was thinking something around the 1920's era, prohibition is about and there is money to be made. Perhaps add a few 'fantasy' elements to it? Could always be two predators living amongst the humans end up.. running into one another so to speak?
  4. That sounds like a pretty good idea do you want to start the plot tonight ?
  5. Yeah, I will create a thread and a small scene and I can always edit it if you have any idea's.
  6. alright just post a link on my page when your done. :D