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  1. Hello! Call me Skylight (or whatever you wish really, I'll even respond to Adsfjlkd). I've been on here a few times on and off and now I'm back once more, hoping to increase my daily word count. I'm a romance writer, and as such, I'd like to do some romance roleplays (preferrably with me as the female and/or the bolded character, but I'm flexible). So let's just skip all the details and get right to pairings and plots, if you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm pretty friendly :bouncy:

    Quiet Type x Best Friend's Ex
    Player x First Love
    Quiet Type x Quiet Type
    Person with strict parents x Party Animal
    Constant Liar x Person with trust issues
    Emotionless Person x Super Happy Person
    Super Sad or Angry Person x Super Happy Person


    The Easiest Job
    Person A is the great example of an unprepared college student. They're disorganized, easily stressed, and most importantly: they can't go to sleep on their own. This is where Person B comes in. One way or another Person B found out Person A's secret, and rather than go and rat them out, they decided to help out- for a price. Now both people's nights are spent together, cuddling. There's nothing more, nothing less, and most importantly - no commitment. They don't have to acknowledge each other outside of that instance if they don't want to. Of course, there's nothing saying they can't do that either...

    False Confessions
    Ever since Person A got a hand-written note from the school's most popular, expressing their true undying love for Person A, but their shyness to admit it, Person A has been hooked. Except, they didn't write that note, it was Person B. Person B has been in love with Person A for as long as they could remember, but every time they tried to show it, someone else has come in and taken the credit. If Person B truely wants their recognition, it seems like they're going to have to get the guts to confess to Person A themselves. The question is... can they?

    The Craziest Obsession
    In their typical school life, there always seemed to be two main clicks: the geeks and the popular. Person A was a popular kid, Person B a geek. It was the most cliche of plot lines. A hated B, and B hated A. Except that was only on the surface for Person A. Secretly, Person A had fallen deeply in love with Person B, and had gone as far as to create a shrine in their honor. How they hid it from everyone else then it is impossible to tell. Now, both people are adults. Clicks have disintegrated, and now it all comes down to talent. Now, how will the two fair?
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  2. Ill do one of those with you.
  3. Great! I think I'd prefer to do one of the last two over the first one, if you don't mind, but I can't pick between the last two. Do you have a preference as to the roles, or to gender?
  4. Same here and I can't pick the two either XD. It depends what we choose and I prefer playing as a male
  5. Hi, I'd like to do the Player x First Love RP with you (preferably as the Player)
  6. Hmm... Well, I just realized I bolded like none of the pairings. xD *shakes head* Anyway, these are my preferred roles, if that helps make one of them look more/less appealing (while I sit here and try to come up with a preference of my own :p)

    Constant Liar x Person with trust issues
    Emotionless Person x Super Happy Person

    That works for me! Do you have a gender preference for that one, or do you have a certain place you prefer to roleplay (messaging or forms)?
  7. I think emotionless person x supper happy person is the closest to having a good going rp XD
  8. Sounds good to me! Do you prefer messaging or forums? And if you have any character sheet preferences, feel free to tell me those as well. I'm not picky at all with either (or with much, for that matter :p )
  9. I prefer over messaging and I have a character I can use I think.
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