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  1. In this rp, My character Jana, a neko, has been teased, and bullied her whole life for being different. She is now in her 3rd year of high school and her self-esteem is at an all time low.

    Jana sighed, looking at the now locked doors of the school. Everyone except her had left half an hour ago. She slowly climbed down the tree was in and began her long trek home, as the bus had left already. She pulled out her phone and put some ear phones in her large black cat ears, turning up the volume to the music she was listening to earlier.
  2. He walked around the school building, he didn't want to go home, of course his parents would show him love, but going home meant he had to prepare for another school day, today was horrible, he just didn't want to go knowing it would be the same again, like every day. He saw a girl as he walked, seeing a tail he was somewhat surprised, why was she still here? He had seen her sometimes, but he never knew she was a Neko too, he sighed as he walked closer to her, not wanting to talk yet, she looked so peaceful right now.
  3. Jana closed her eyes, silently humming to the song, her tail swaying along with the slow beat of it. She slowly started to sing the words to herself, unaware of any company there might be around her
  4. He smiled, her voice was really good, Leon caught himself following her until the very end of the song before he had to cough up, making her probably notice him, he blushed a little and took a step back, "S-sorry...i didn't mean to.."
  5. Jana tensed, and slowly turned around, not walking anymore "What is it?" She asked, ready to be teased, or bullied again. She slowly looked him up and down, and her eyes stopped at his ears "Y-You." She said in shock
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  6. "I'm sorry for following you around! Y-your voice was just somewhat really nice to listen too.." He smiled shyly as he looked her over, "Y-you look like I did something bad..s-sorry again!"
  7. "I-Bu-No-I-"She muttered, looking behind him and seeing his tail. She gasped and brought her gaze up to his eyes "You're..." She choked. She wasn't alone...
  8. He moved his tail forward and hugged it lightly, "I am what?" Was she going to insult him too? She was like him, whatever she'd say applied to her too!
  9. "You're like me..." She said, looking at his actions. Has he been treated the same way I have? She thought
  10. "N-no..I'm probably not just like you...I'm being bullied much more, I'm sure..nobody would bully you.." He smiled at her, hoping she'd not tell him bad things, she seemed to wonderful to him.
  11. Jana felt a stab in her heart "They do..." She said softly, looking into his eyes, seeing the pain she every morning in the mirror
  12. "T-that is no shouldn't have to go through such things..." He smiled at her as he walked up to her, "S-sorry for following you.." He didn't know what to tell the young girl, she seemed to innocent, yet she went through such things..
  13. Jana smiled up at him, something she hadn't done to someone outside of her family into a long time "Nobody should...Doesn't stop them.' She said, letting a large sigh out
  14. He sighed with her and turned away, " was nice meeting you..b-but maybe I should head home...p-prepare" He sighed at the last word, taking the first steps away from her.
  15. "I-Bu-" Jana sighed and nodded, giving a knowing look "I guess so..." She said, walking again
  16. "B-but..would you like if during break tomorrow? I mean..we can just go somewhere more quiet together...and enjoy the break somewhat?"
  17. Jana blushed at his words "That sound's nice. Tomorrow then!" She said, and walked off
  18. He then left too, preparing his things at least somewhat excited for the coming day, once the break came he went outside, avoiding most people as he was looking for her.
  19. Jana was leaning against a tree, reading a book
  20. Once he found her he smile, "W-wanna go to the library maybe? i'm sure nobody will look for us there.."
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