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Natalie - otherwise know as Nathan after she became transgender squirmed around non stop whilst she sat in the car. Her Mom was driving her and her sister Olivia to school. Olivia seemed to notice and gently placed a hand on her sister's shoulder with a ressuring squeeze. "Stop fidgeting about Natalie, they're going to love you. I'm nervous too, but it's going to be okay" She said, and Natalie stopped fidgeting. She nodded and then stared out of the car window, and the rest of the journey was quiet. Their Mom stopped at what appeared to be a modern looking school and flipped around to face them, she told them to have a good first day at their new school as they both got out. They leaned in through the car window to each give her a hug and said goodbye, then she drove off. The two started to walk into the school, to grab their timetables. Since Olivia was fourteen and Nathan was sixteen they wouldn't have any classes together.

"Ugh, I have gym... How about you?" Olivia asked.

"Math" Natan replied, which she didn't seem to mind because she was good at it. She said goodbye and slowly made her way to the classroom which she would be in. When she got there, she snuck to the back and pulled out a book to read so no one would bother her.

She pulled at a couple of strands of her dark brown hair - which needed to be cut again. Her hair used to cascade all the way down her back until she cut it. Now her hair was growing to her shoulders. When she cut her hair, she donated the rest to charity. Other than that, she had light skin and olive green eyes, and full pink lips.
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