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  1. I am looking for someone to brainstorm and RP with.
    I enjoy playing male, but I'm female and I am equally familiar with how to RP as one.
    I write simply and clearly, sometimes a lot. I don't do one-liners. It hurts my eyes to even look at a one liner. I may post up to 10 paragraphs (max) if the role play needs it.
    The role play doesn't have to last forever, just until we've had our fill. I do like long term role plays, but it's rare to meet someone compatible.

    • Any random plot I can come up with with pairings such as:
    • I'll send you a random prompt.
    • You send me a random prompt.
    • Anything/anyone with vampires, zombies & bittersweet romance.
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  2. I think maybe we should try some of your ideas out. I like them (except for the zombies, I have an aversion to them) and wouldn't mind seeing where they might go.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.