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  1. Hello everyone!

    My name's Samantha, Sam, Sami, whatever you'd like to call me. So, I'm looking for a partner or a few partners. I've been role playing for a few years now. But anyway, just have a few rules before I tell what roleplays I'm into.

    1. Iwaku rules apply as everyone knows.
    2. No Gm, Gary or Mary Sues please. I like characters to be unique and different.
    3. I try to give the same amount of writing to my partner and I expect the same or close to it (at least a paragraph).
    4. I'm the kind of person who loves detail so throw at me! Don't be afraid to.
    5. Don't be afraid to talk to me if we are role playing. I am shy but once I get to know people, I'm very friendly and laid back.
    6. I don't mind mistakes. We all make them. I know I do.
    7. Please let me know if something comes up and that you'll be away for a few days, want to stop, etc. There's nothing more I hate than being left hanging and not have a reason as to why.
    8. Fandoms, I will most likely double if asked. But I will do OC x OC if I'm persuaded.

    Now to the next part, my dos and donts.


    -MxM, FxF. I don't mind it just I'm not comfortable with it

    Now for what roleplays I do. For some it's been a while since I've last done them.

    - role I prefer
    * - willing to double

    Current RP Cravings
    -Victor Creed x OC
    -The Last of Us

    -Modern Fantasy
    -Medieval Fantasy

    -Vampire x human
    -Vampire x Other supernatural being
    -Werewolf x human
    -Werewolf x Other supernatural being
    -Elf x human
    -Elf x Other supernatural being
    -Angel x human
    -Angel x demon
    -Angel x Other supernatural being
    -Demon x Human
    -Demon x Other supernatural being
    -Mercenary x Mercenary (or other)
    -Furry x Furry
    -Furry x Human
    -Master x Slave (can be fantasy based; not good at master role >_>)
    -Dragon Rider x Dragon Rider

    The Last of Us
    -Dead Space
    -Metal Gear Solid
    -The Order: 1886

    Animes, Cartoons
    -Bleach (rewatching the anime)
    -Seven Deadly Sins
    -Dragon Ball
    -Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Movies, TV Shows
    Harry Potter
    -Lord of the Rings
    ~OC x OC​
    ~Victor Creed x OC*
    ~James Howlett x OC*
    ~John Allerdyce x OC*​
    ~Tony Stark x OC*
    ~Hawkeye x OC*​
    -DC (Batman, Joker, etc.)
    -The Walking Dead
    ~Daryl Dixon x OC*​
    -Pirates of the Caribbean
    -The Thing
    -Criminal Minds
    -How to Train Your Dragon

    But basically, I'll try just anything if you suggest it so feel free to ask. So either post here or PM me.

    One last thing, a few notes:
    • Don't be afraid to suggest something that's not listed, especially other pairings. I will let you know if I'm interested and willing to give it a try.
    • Fandoms such as movies, tv shows, animes and games (PS3/PS4), please suggest. I've seen and played so many that I forget most. Plus I'm always looking for a new anime to watch.
    • Sexual themes, I will not do with anyone under 18. I don't want to get anyone in trouble. But I will still rp with you if you are under 18, I just won't do any sexual themes with you.
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  2. Still looking for a few partners.
  3. I'd be interested in a modern fantasy or a sci-fy roleplay, or for fandoms a Harry Potter, Avengers, or Supernatural roleplay, maybe Lord of the Rings.
  4. Oooh~ A horror roleplay sounds fun~ Do you have any specific plot bunny in mind? :3
  5. @RiniPinja I don't have any plots in mind but to be honest, I'm the kind of person who likes to collaborate a plot with my partners because it makes it more fun and interesting :)
  6. Okay! That's fine by me. :) I'm going to send you a PM now and we can start the plot discussion!
  7. Alright ^_^
  8. Do you happen to enjoy Criminal Minds? :)
  9. Yes I do actually lol :>
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  10. Awesome! Oh my Goddess! :D

    Would you like to role play it with me?
  11. Sure but just a warning, it'll be a first for me but I'll give it a whirl lol XP
  12. I'm interested in a medieval fantasy rp. PM to chat
  13. Still looking for a few partners.
  14. I think a modern fantasy or post apocalyptic would be cool. Something along the lines of The Last of Us.
  15. Sure. I'll PM you
  16. I would like to do a yandere x normal kid rp with a bit of horror elements and Gore and violence
  17. A what? O.o? Just a little confused lol. What's a yandere?
  18. Well if you seen Mirai Nikki/Future Diary then Yuko would be a prime example but a explanation would be...
    In this link here for a full fleshed out definition of it:
  19. Is there more that I need to explain at all?
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