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    I'm Hyperdemion but Please call me Lady Demion, I'm 19 years old and from California. I've been roleplaying since I was eight years old and have slowly been growing in dominance and power over time. I won't be able to post all the time with me being in college and almost about to get a job, so you'll have to forgive me, I post around 4 small paragraphs per post but can adapt my post to suit your needs, I enjoy romance, action, fantasy, libertine, supernatural, and medevil roleplays, if you need a sample, just ask me.

    Pairing List
    vampire x human / demon / hunter / phoenix / newly turned vampire
    demon x human / hunter / goddess / sacrifice / half breed
    phoenix x hunter / princess / human / scientist / sick villager
    werewolf x vampire / werecat / potential mate / abandoned werewolf (pregnant or non)
    witch x prince / princess / summoned demon
    angel x human / dark angel / devil's daughter / dying person / guardian angel
    master x slave
    celebrity x manager / agent / musician / abandoned celebrity / fan / homeless fan / pregnant woman /
    band mates
    Arranged Marriage
    teenage pregnancy
    pregnant woman x student / teacher / vampire / werewolf /scientist / dark angel / goddess /
    demon queen x mad god
    Butler x Mistress / Maid
    Butler x Master's Daughter
    Survivor x Survivor (zombie apocalypse/dystopian future)
    photographer x model / pregnant woman / bride
    escort x bride / pregnant woman /
    stripper x succubus / client / demon / pirate
    Reincarnated Lovers
    Fairy Queen x Kidnapped Knight/Prince
    Upper Class x Servant
    Broken Family
    Starting a Family
    Performing Arts Boarding School
    dancer x teacher / instructor / injured partner / pregnant partner
    woman who lost her memories x lover / best friend / new love interest
    woman with lost memories / story writer / goddess / pirate / prince
    prince x knight / prince / goddess / god / demon prince / dragon
    dragon x knight / mate / goddess / priestess / priest / scarfice
    priestess x demon prince / mad god / pirate / dragon
    Student x Exchange Student
    political marriage between members of different species
    an experienced submissive mentoring an inexperienced Dom/Domme in the lifestyle
    Supernatural Hostess Clubs
    Pitt fighter X care taker
    gargoyle x princess
    circus performer x roustabout
    circus preformer x circus freak
    circus performer or freak x magician
    mad god x goddess / treasure hunter / pirate / princess
    Prisoner of War / Interrogator, Cell mate or guard
    Ranch Owner / Lost Woman (pregnant or non)


    Mass Effect
    Dragon Age
    Some Anime
    Steven Universe

    p.s: I'll update my search more and more as time goes on and if you have any plots that you've been dying to try don't hesitate to ask me.
  2. Character A is a character from another world, no literally. A young and rebellious wizard who is on a quest to bring his true love back from the dead actually reincarnates the daughter of a powerful and deadly god. She's shocked and confused at first, seeing as she had just left a very anxious group of suitors who wanted her hand in marriage, but in an almost unkind or helpful joke, she decides that she wants him to be her husband. It turns out, his girlfriend's soul is trapped inside her body and the only way out of it, is to prove to her and her family that they have love stronger then any other. But what happens when the strings of faith, wrap tighter around the two of them.

    Character A is a cop and one who does not like following the rules of authority, but in a world where demons rule the streets and vampires are itching to find there next meal, he has no time for simple crimes. But what happens when the chief introduces Character B, a succubus the one race that the man despises, can these two find a connection, before a big bad decides to take them out.
  3. can I ask for a post sample?
  4. I'll give it to you, when I get the chance
  5. Hey. A lot of them look interesting. I'd like to do woman with lost memories x whatever, master x slave, arranged marriage, teenage pregnancy, etc! Lol
  6. Would you mind messaging me darling?
  7. Still searching for partners​
  8. I am interested in werewolf x werecat,arranged marriage,witch x prince,celebrity x fan,and upper class x servant.
  9. I'm quite interested in Upper Class x Servant.
  10. Would you both mind messaging me please?
  11. Oooh Steven universe. What are your ships?
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