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  1. Hi there. My name is YourMemoryWillCarryOn and I am, of course, looking for a few good role plays. You can call me just about anything, but most people on other sites call me CarryOn or Memory. I have been role playing for going on five years but had to take a one year hiatus last year. Because of this I want something that is easy to get into and fun to do.

    - Post lengths may vary with me from one paragraph to five or six. I would like the same from my partners.
    - I will always try to post once a day or every other day. Most times it will be several times a day. I would like to see the same.
    - Grammar isn't all that important to me. Capitalization, commas, periods, question marks, and exclamation marks are about all I need.
    - I don't like to use cookie cutter characters and would perfect if you didn't either. Make them unique.
    - Do not god-mod, power play, mary/gary sue, or take over the whole RP.
    - Help with the plot, twists, and drama. Don't leave me to do all the work.
    - Ooc is something I would like to have. I like making new friends and talking all the time :)

    Now for the fun part :)

    Things I'm interested in:

    Romance *****
    Mxm ****
    Mxf ****
    Band member x roadie/normal (craving)
    Warriors **
    Gifted x non gifted *
    Serial killer x normal person (craving)
    Best friends to lovers *****
    Friends with benefits *
    Opposites attract ************
    Wolves w/ or w/o powers **
    Harry Potter **
    Percy Jackson **
    Song based ****
    Pierce the Veil member X Oc(craving)

    Open for suggestions always

    Things I will not do:
    Cannon - will not RP cannon characters. I am bad at them and lose interest quickly.
    Real time people - same as with cannon. Not gonna happen. Only exception is if someone wants to do a pierce the veil RP.
    Full on slice of life - make it interesting, I don't want to go through the same day to day things as in real life.
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Thread Status:
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