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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Chello and I am a new arrival to this site and learning my way around it. That being said it doesn't mean I am a newb to Role Playing.

    Here are a few ideas:

    Avengers: Can be current or even a next generation or a mixture of both.

    Thor: I have a few ideas they are:

    1) A prequel, basically taking place before the movies when Thor and Loki are younger.

    2) A twist to the Avengers/Dark world time line: What if Loki never agreed to go to Earth with the army, instead someone else was went that the Avengers had to deal with. In that time they tell Thor that they have Loki and what they have done to him, he is rescued but he isn't quite right. The physical wounds may have healed but the mental ones will always be there

    3) Thor: The Dark World, with a slight twist: What happens if Darcy comes to Asgard with Thor and Jane? What if she stumbles upon the dungeons and Loki's cell? Curious she wants to know more about him, the two eventually start talking and perhaps they even become friends.

    Parings with no plots
    *Are the roles I'd like to do

    *OC(Female)/Captain America
    *Loki/Thor (Kinda digging the Thorki..:))
    *OC(Female)/Dr. Bruce Banner (Never roleplayed with The Hulk before but willing to give it a shot)

    As for content rating I generally don't have any limits, these role plays can be mature.​
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  2. I'd love to roleplay with you.

    Do you mind doubling roles? I'll play Loki if you'll play Tony Stark for me? I have a character in mind that can tie into the plot of Dark World. :)
  3. Sure I'll play Tony, and Thor if you want to be Loki.
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  4. I'm interested in doing the prequel one!
  5. Cool sounds great!
  6. Did you want to pay as Loki or Thor?
  7. Sorry i meant play
  8. I'll play as Loki, you can also be an original character if you'd like.
  9. I'll try out Thor :) I've never roleplayed him before so if im a little off sorry (^^;)>
  10. Ah its alright, it's a prequel type setting so you can recreate him. Alrighty so I guess I will go and make up the thread, what are you limits regarding content, ie. swearing, etc..
  11. I'm fine with swearing and all that, pretty much anything really just nothing too gory or sexual.
  12. Alright, than I shall get the post going.
  13. I am still looking for more buddies.
  14. Hello I was wondering if you wanted to Do your dark world one but I was also wondering of beside Dracy can it be original character?
  15. Yeah of course.
  16. Would you like me to PM you so we can discuss more details.
  17. Bumpith, still looking for more buddies.
  18. I would love to do the third one with you I'm happy to play Darcy I think it would be an interesting rp to do! ^-^
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