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  1. So, this is probably going to be very long-winded, and I apologize in advance. I'm copying most of it from my freewebs site, just so I don't have to redirect you and make things difficult.
    - Also, I'm fully aware that my status on here is that of a newbie. xD However, I have been roleplaying for ten-ish years, and while I may not be better than every roleplayer in the world, I'm capable of putting together well-formed sentences and not need you to hold my hand throughout the roleplay. ANYWAY, moving on, here is my information stuff-junk.

    1. GENDERS: Everybody's favorite rule. I like playing males, I like playing females... I like doubling. However, if we are not doubling, I will ask you to play male. If you email me and we have it all planned out, and then you say "Oh,,, I was hoping you'd write as the male character...." I will virtually crush your skull in. Don't do it.
    2. DOUBLING: If we are doubling, there are specific rules I have. They really aren't hard to follow... I don't mind when people have amazing female characters, or "Mary-Sues", as they call them. I get a bit annoyed when people try to make their female better than mine in every way possible (as in: "~insert my female character's name~ was pretty, but ~insert your female character's name~ was beautiful, and exotic, so she got so much more attention", but it's whatever. However, if you are going to have an amazing epic female character, you better make damn sure your male character keeps me on the edge of my seat, too. Don't make some dazzling supermodel, and then leave your male character as a hunchback who has greasy, balding hair. NOT gonna fly with me. Also, a pet peeve of mine is when I am doubling and your male character is drooling all over your female character the entire time, and takes mine as a second choice. Sorry, but it's annoying. If you do that, I'm going to have Kayne (my male) call your character a fat, narcissistic cow and tell her that he'd never touch her with a twenty foot pole, then push her in a pool. If we continue after that, it's up to you. ;)
    Sorry that rule was so long. But I'm sure all of you -at least, those of you that haven't left yet- can understand where I'm coming from.
    3. LENGTH/LITERACY: My length preferences range, and I honestly don't care much about length. I can write long intros and replies, or short ones. So upon contacting me, tell me what YOUR length and literacy preferences are, if you have them. I can keep up. (:
    4. ACTIVITY: I'm on pretty much every day, so you can expect a reply from me pretty much every day, multiple times a day. Do I expect you to have every second of your time free like I currently do? No. I'm a high school graduate taking a break from working right now, but I've been there. I was in marching band, had difficult classes, and a job where I worked 30-40 hours a week. I UNDERSTAND IF YOU'RE BUSY. This is, after all, a pasttime. Not a job. I get it. =p
    5. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT JUST EMAIL ME SAYING 'HI! RP?' !!!!! INTRODUCE YOURSELF, SAY WHAT GENRE YOU'D LIKE TO DO OR A LIST OF GENRES YOU'D BE INTERESTED IN, AND TELL ME WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO PERTAINING TO GENDER. If you feel like it, tell me a bit about yourself, but if you don't I swear I won't go cut myself. I'm sorry, but I've found that I'm more likely to actually getting around to introing for people who show me from the get go that they are able to actually put thought into responses.
    Me: ~explains long plot, asks questions, etc~
    You: "Sure, ok."

    That's it for rules. Again, sorry they're so long-winded. Now for my genres, which will probably be longer than my rules (mostly because of the Harry Potter section XD)
    Before I begin, I'll let you know that I'm REALLY REALLY craving a Harry Potter Marauder's era roleplay. c: But, I will do pretty much anything.

    WON'T DO:
    Fandoms that I haven't seen/read/heard about (Unless you are willing to explain them, in which case I will try. )
    Large age gaps
    Anything involving feces or urine or like... Cutting out someone's innards during sex. I mean, really?
    That's really all I can think of right now that I won't do.
    I have no key, because you probably wouldn't use it anyway. I'll tell you in words, rather than symbols, if I am craving something or if I have a plot. c:
    I do not base my roleplays solely on romance, so if you have an odd pairing you want to try, we will come up with a plot. I like action. We must at least have a plot idea in place, so it's not just one character trying to get the other to fall in love. >.> I do, however, get rather bored if there ISN'T romance. So, it WILL be there if we play, just... Not a plot like romeo and juliette.


    For fandoms, I will do oc x canon, canon x canon, or just steal the plot and go all oc. Just tell me your preference. c: Any characters that I would prefer to play are capitalized.
    marauders --->
    JAMES x Lily
    SEVERUS x oc
    SEVERUS x Lily
    Xeno Lovegood x LUNA'S MOM(OC)
    Present --->
    Fred x OC (PLEASE!)
    Draco x Hermione
    GEORGE x oc
    NEVILLE x Luna
    NEVILLE x oc
    THEO NOTT x anyone
    Ron x Hermione
    Next Generation --->
    Teddy x Victoire
    ALBUS x oc
    JAMES II x oc
    I clearly love Harry Potter... If you have any other pairings you would like to try, SUGGEST.

    CORALINE x Wybie
    OC x oc (next generation, or in place of Cor x Wybie)

    CHIHIRO x Haku
    OC x oc (Next generation, or in place of Chihiro and Haku)

    ANGEL x Cordelia
    XANDER x Willow
    WILLOW x Tara (as a side pairing)
    XANDER x oc
    Willow x OC

    (warning: unless we BOTH work at keeping this interesting, and we BOTH have strong characters that are actually able to put up with the abuse, instead of mine having to pull yours along and protect him/her like a little kitten, this will not work. If you don't have any tough, badass characters, I would suggest not even bothering to ask about this.)
    KATNISS x Gale
    PEETA x oc (if doubling)

    House x oc
    Chase x OC
    Chase x Cameron

    SAM x Freddie
    Carly x OC


    Boarding school (I have a few plots, none of which are on my plots page)
    School Trip
    Stranded (Really wanna do, but we have to keep it interesting)
    Best Friends
    Enemy x Enemy
    Zombie Apocalypse
    Summer vacation



    arranged marriage
    witch hunt
    soldier in disguise


    Werewolf x PIXIE (CRAVING. PLOT.)
    Vampire x PIXIE (if you don't like werewolves. XD)
    Vampire x Werewolf
    MAGICIAN x human
    demon x hunter
    Seven Deadly Sins (plot!)

    Time Periods

    Ancient Egypt
    Revolutionary war

    Now... As for the rest, I'm not sure how this works. xD So we can either do this on the one x one boards here, or go to an instant messenger/email. It's up to you. Just hit me up if you're interested. C: And sorry for the overload of information.
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  3. this is very demanding, and strict haha. You're not very laid back. Kind of makes me interested that way.... but I'm not a fan of email rps. I prefer on here for the post count. I'm a post whore.

    I was thinking we could combine two of what you're looking for. Maybe a horror story with arranged marriage? We could work out the kinks if you're interested.
  4. Wouldn't mind doing Spirited Away or a Supernatural rp? For supernatural I liked the magiacanxhuman or seven deadly sins?