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  1. Hey there! I'm looking for a roleplaying partner that can play out a plot or two with me. My plots are open for suggestions and (minor) tweaking. I'm also quite flexible with roleplays and am open to most anything (though I do have my preferences like anyone else). I do have some rules/expectations/notes, however, so I implore you to read them before deciding to roleplay with me.

    -Please be somewhat literate. Whether you roleplay like this "*the young boy walks into the room* Hello" or like this "The young man walked into the bar, grinning sheepishly as stares were upon him. He waved and spoke. 'Hello.'" doesn't matter to me. What does matter to me is that you at least use correct spelling and grammar. (I understand the occasional slip or if English is not your mother tongue, though.) But at least try, if not for me, then for you.

    -I am not 16 or 18 as of yet, so I cannot do mature roleplays that include smut, ect. I will accept cursing (not every other word, though) and gore, as I haven't seen it said anywhere that you have to be a specific age for those things.

    -If I am doing something wrong, please tell me. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable or un at ease with our roleplay, so if I am doing something wrong, please please please tell me so.

    -I usually type a lot. The only way I will write a one-liner is if I am VERY stumped, but even then, I try to avoid one-liners at all costs. If you're not at least into semi-para, I don't recommend asking to roleplay with me.

    I am pretty sure that's it for my roleplay rules and expectations. I'm honestly very lenient, so yeah. Here are the roleplays I am normally interested in doing. I have bolded and italicized each role that I would like to play:

    Master x Butler
    Demon x Human
    Human x Nekomimi/Inumimi/ect.
    Vampire x Werewolf
    x Faerie
    Teacher x Student

    That's not all I can think of at the moment, but those are what I would like to do the most. If you have an idea of your own, tell me here or over PMs and we can talk about it. Thanks (:

  2. I'm interested in either the Master x Butler or Demon x Human!
  3. Alrighty then! How about we do a mixture of both? Does that sound like a good idea to you? The butler could be a human in desperate need of a job, and the master can take interest in him and hire him. Little does the butler know, though, his master's a demon, out for his soul (at first). Then it could blossom into some romance and the whole shabang. Homosexual couples are preferred for me personally, but if you would like me to be a Mistress instead of a Master and you a butler (or me a master and you a servant girl) that is a-okay. Like my first post said, I'm rather flexible. And I want you to be happy with the roleplay too, not just me.
  4. Plot sounds good to me. I think i'd rather play a girl butler though (sorry if my a's might be missing from my words. my key isn't working very well and i might not catch that it was left out)
  5. Perfectly fine by me (: I have to go for now, you may post the starter if you want (or if you want me to do it later on that is okay, too.) and message me the link in a PM so I can reply. I can't wait to roleplay with you! And about the a key thing, it's fine, I have the same issue with my period key.
  6. Hiya :D I'm an old person compared to you at least a bit, but I don't really care about mature or not, so it's fine anyway. I don't do too much cursing and can't handle gore either, so that won't be an issue too.

    If you do something wrong, of course I'll tell you- but make sure you know that it's both ways with that. If I don't give you enough to work off of, tell me, or if you need me to fix something. I can write more than at least a paragraph or two normally, but it'll depend on what you give me to work off of and what's going on. So that should be fine too.

    I tend to prefer female characters but can do male as well. Since there's no mature here, I'm fine with all gender pairings.

    Of your listed preferences, I'd be most interested in Demon x Human, Human x Nekomimi/Inumimi/etc, Vampire x Werewolf and Teacher x Student...But Master x Butler is also a possibility. So it's basically depending on your most strong interest I guess of those? For the vampire one though, I usually play a halfling...But I can play a regular vampire. Oh, by the way...Do you have an age-range? That may affect things a bit too, but most likely not too much~
  7. Let me in on the Vampire x Werewolf action please :3