One x One Request

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  1. Okay, so i'm having a specific craving. What it is is i'm wanting to use a new character i've devised. She's a dancer. As in a ballerina dancer. I have no clue what to pair her with, so i'll let you use whatever character you want. XD So that also means that I can take multiple pairings with my dancer character. :D So, on that note, I have no limits, I play female, and I rp over forum, IM, and email. I hope to hear from some of you!
  2. How about a guy who just got out of rehab and needs something other than drugs?
  3. I'd like to play :D
  4. Hi,

    I'm kind of a new member on here, but I've done roleplay on other websites, so I guess I'm kinda experienced?xD Anyways, your idea sounds pretty sweet and I think it'd be cool to join in! If you'll have me, that is c:
    I could be a fellow dancer or something - I don't mind the gender, age, personality, whatever C:
  5. Alcoholic? Druggie? stoner? hobo? Other dancer? Something?
  6. Mm, me? :) 'm a newbie, thou.. n.n But I'd love to~