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  1. So I'm really excited to try out one these RP plots. If we RP, I prefer to do it over PM. If there's a * sign behind it, that means I really want to try the RP plot, and I can play both gender

    Mental patient x Mental patient****
    Mythical creature x Mythical creature ****
    Mythical creature x Hunter*****
    Hunter x Hunter****
    Assassin x Assassin***
    Gang boss x Gang boss***
    Mafia x Yakuza******
    Yandere x Person****
    Meister x Weapon (Yes, this is from Soul Eater X3)********
    Spirt (ghost) x Spirt (Ghost)****
    Sprit (ghost) x Reaper ***
    Master x Slave***
    Playboy x Playgirl (This role play will contain some sexual content in it. Just letting everybody know))****
    Assassin x Assassin**
    Master x Servant ( similar to Fate stay night)***
    Witch x Wizard**
    Elemental x Elemental ( fire, water, earth, and Air being.) ******
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  2. [rainbow]I. Roleplay Candies[/rainbow]
    • Here is what I'm interested in,

      ➳ Twincest [Male x Male only.]
      ➳ Mythical Creature x Mythical Creature
      ➳ Mythical Creature x Hunter
      ➳ Elemental x Elemental
    • I'm willing to do MxM or MxF only. I'm versatile in both genders.
    • If you're interested, shoot me a PM. We can discuss a plot together!
  3. I like the Mythical Creature X Hunter, Elemental X Elemental, Meister X weapon. My favorite our of those three is Elemental X Elemental.
  4. I would be willing to do the weapon x meister one because I have a passion for that anime.
  5. Soul Eater is an amazing anime. I'd be glad to do it.
  6. Wow, It seem like Elemental x Elemental is the most popular not that I'm complaining lol. Anyway, I send everyone a Pm and we can start discussing the plot :3
  7. I like the idea of Mental Patient x Mental Patient!
  8. Master x Slave
    Playboy x Playgirl
    Assassin x Assassin
    Master x Servant
    Gang boss x Gang boss

    I'd easily be in on one of those.
  9. Im game for a Weapon x Meister
  10. Alright! I send you a PM and we can discuss more about it :3
  11. I'd love to do Mythical creature x Hunter
  12. I'd be interested in doing:
    Master x Slave
    Master x Servant
    Mythical Creature x Mythical Creature
    Mythical Creature x Hunter
    Assassin x Assassin

    (I'm only comfortable doing MxF Rps just to let you know)
  13. Okay! I send everybody an Pm and we can discuss it there XD!
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  14. All righty :D
  15. I'm interested in the elemental x elemental.
  16. Mental patient x mental patient?
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