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  1. So I have been craving to rp as a vampire for a long time. Before I write any more I should note that my vampires do not sparkle and are taken from the Vampire Diaries / Ann Rice myth. Meaning they can bite you but you have to die with their blood in your system in order to become a vampire. Sun light does damage them if they are not ancients.

    I was thinking about creating a female vampire who craves the male character's blood. Though my vampire girl has a problem and can only drink from a certain species which isn't human (aka What ever fantasy race you choice your character to be and they can be a vampire too if you want). After drinking from them they form this kind of emphatic connection and can feel where each is as well as sense each other's fear. The girl I have in mind will have a fiery strong personality. She is not going to be entirely heroic though she does have some morals about who she attacks or kills.

    I can alter some of the plot or my character's personality if need be but I really want to do a vampire-female x male -? . Let me know what you think. Also if you have preferences with what you want your lady vampire to look like just let me know and I'll see what I can do :)
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  3. I am actually kind of interested in this I would have sent you a PM, but you need to rack up some more posts before you are allowed to send and receive private messages. I've actually read up to Body Thief by Ann Rice and ended up never finishing that book unfortunately.

    I was thinking of perhaps making a male shapeshifter, if that interests you. You wouldn't have to change your character at all for me either, because it would be yours not mine. Let me know what you think and we can discuss the plot further and make any suggestions and tweaks! That is if you are interested in playing with a shapeshifter.
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  5. Yeah I saw that I can't really send PMs yet so I guess we can just talk about it here till I am able to. First off I wouldn't mind doing two of these onexone roleplays as long as they are a little different from each other. So Kronas & Super Cat I am so in. Arrows if you want to create another story like I can play a another supernatural creature for you such as an elf, fairy, shape shiftier wolf/panther mermaid. Is this okay? I'll make two different characters for each of you. I like to go into detail with my characters that I rp with. I don't expect the same just so you guys know.

    Super cat
    A Shapeshifter sounds amazing. Do you want to pick an animal to shapeshift into or can they shape shift into any living thing? I forgot to mention a time period. Do you want to rp in present time or medieval period? If present time is a rural woody area okay like Maine? Also is it okay to have this rp take place during the winter. Is there anything you can think of which you want to include in our plot?


    Name: Eve Cover

    Age: She was turn in the 1820 at the age of 19.

    Personality: Eve is a bit impulsive with an attack now, ask questions later attitude. The reason she has survived this long is pure luck. She will do impulsive things that will often get herself into trouble. Even though Eve says and does what she ways she is still resourceful. Like a layer, she is able to argue her way out of many things. Eve can be a bit of a klutz at times but when it comes to hunting she is very good at it and will resort to out running her prey instead of charming it. Eve has killed her prey in the past but has now developed some restrain when drinking blood. More often than not she is able to leave her prey alive which is good considering there are hard to come by. Eve can't stand ghosts or the stench of human blood and prefers not to be close to either. She loves fighting and working on strengths her powers. Another love of hers is that loves social gatherings. To pass the time she enjoys drinking wine, dancing, movies, comics and video games.

    Appearance: Eve Dresses a bit tom boyish with skinny jeans, combat boots and punk sometimes ripped tops. Her hair is a Golden blond and comes to just above her waste. She has silver eyes and is around 5"8 feet tall. She has more of a slender build but still has soft curves. She also has a slight English accent.

    History: Eve was attacked on the streets of England turned in 1820. The man told her what she was and gave her the choice of following him. She declinded and he told her he would at least tell her how to live as a vampire. After he found out she couldn't keep human blood down he made his depature swift, realizing that as her hunger builds her sanity would decrease. Knowing that she could never return to her parents house after seeing what she had become she fled to the new world cast away on a ship. There was a shapeshifter on the same voyage to America and when she smelled her she confronted the woman. She told her what she was and threatened to reveal the shapeshifter if they told her secret. The ShapeShifter agreed to let Eve drink from her though the voyage. When they got to America they had formed a friendship and remained in contact. Eve has remained in America ever since, keeping away from other vampires. She travels America looking for Shapeshifters to hunt as well as enjoying her immortality. She often regrets running away from home but is trying to do her best with the life she has now. Recently, she has heard rumors of a witch that can make daylight rings (allowing her to walk in the daylight) and is searching for the witch.

    Vampire powers: Eve has basic vampire powers such as super speed and strength. She is faster than the average vampire though, due to her practice of chasing down her already fast prey. She is damaged by the sun and can only spend about three minutes in it before burning up. She can also be killed by having her heart ripped out of her body or having her head dismembered.

    Mysterious Telekinetic power:
    Eve has the ability to throw people and objects away from her with vampiric strength. She can also call something close to her. With more effort she can bend objects such as weapons from a far. She cannot bend too often as this tires her out after awhile.

    Can you be another vampire or any other species other than a shapeshifter? Can we rp this in the past or would you prefer present day? Would you be willing to play a lord, duke, General or someone with political power if you do agree on an rp taking place in the past. Sorry about the demands I'm just trying to make things a little different.


    Name: Ophelia Shining

    Age: Ancient Vampire born in Ancient Egypt 2000BC in the middle kingdom era. Looks to be in her early 20ies

    Personality: Head strong female who thinks before attacking. The reason she was able to live so long is due to her cunning nature and ability to weight out situations. She may come off as rude but if you make a worthy ally she would become fiercely protective of you. She is not adverse to charming her way out of situations but almost never follows through with her seductions. She is able to move about in the daylight but she much prefers the moon light. She tends to sleep through morning hours from 4am-12pm and will go around after the sun has reached it's high point. Ophelia hobbies include swimming, reading, solving riddles, and exploring the open plane. She feels no guilt drinking from her prey and will often leave in a safe place for gratitude's sake.

    General Appearance: She is 5'9 with waste long dark brown/black hair. She has light green eyes and an hour glass build.

    History: Daughter of a wealthy noble she was turned by a stranger who came to the palace. Her father had planned for her to become a priestess at a temple and kept her unwed. Her father tried his best to cover up the fact that she had transformed but as a newly made vampire she was driven insane. She tried to drink human blood but couldn't keep it down and the hunger eventually shut down her humanity. She killed her father and her suitors who where trying to keep her safety a secret. The shock of killing her father was too much for Ophelia and she ran away that night. Trying to kill her self, she thought she would would stay out until dawn. That was until she smelled it, the blood of her prey. The pleasure of drinking was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. She decided from that day on she would hunt the vampire who turned her and travel the world in search of both him and more of her prey.

    Mind control:
    She can only use this power on fully humans. She can bends their will and allow them to work for her, give her things, allow her into their house, or forget anything.
    When feeding her victim if over come with pleasure. Because of this, it would be very hard to force her to stop feeding. After she can have the victim forget her appearance but the fact that they where bitten always remains.

    Weapons: Ophelia's weapon of choice are daggers. She is also skilled at archery. Up close she prefers to use her claws and fangs.

    Vampire powers: Ophelia has super natural speed, strength, and doesn't need to breath. She can only be killed be having her head severed from her body or her heart ripped out. If she was left in the sunlight for a full 24 hours with no break it would severely burn her but she wouldn't die due to her old age.

    Feeling a presence: Ophelia developed another power which was to feel presence of those nearby. This is handy in tracking or having the ability to track prey or travel alone.
  6. I was thinking it would be fun to have the ability to shift into various different animals. I likely would leave a restriction that he wouldn't be able to shift into anything smaller than a house cat and nothing larger than a grizzly bear. But if you wanted instead I could give him a limited number instead, as he becomes more powerful with his shapeshifting he gains the ability to change into more animals?

    Present time works for me and doing it in Maine will be good. Especially if we play it right on the border between America and Canada. That should allow quite a few different native animals to play as, and just add in some more fun going between countries if we want too. I am alright with it being winter too, who knows if we play for a long time we might make it into spring, and even back to winter again. I have a few different ideas relating to the plot but I think I will keep them secret for now as it is relating more to my character and certain goals he might have. That way it will be more fun for you when you discover them :D

    I did have a few questions though. Just something about how rare shapeshifters actually are in the world or nation, and how well known they are in the supernatural world? Then the same thing with vampires as well. How big would you like to make the supernatural world? I saw that you mentioned ghosts so that made me curious as to what other type of creatures you would like to have involved? I definitely wouldn't mind having a large amount of different supes because that can lead to some more conflict and fun! :D Also I remember you mentioning that she would crave the male characters blood, would this be more so than an average shapeshifter? Because that would be okay with me, perhaps I could make mine come from some kind of line of royalty among shapeshifters?

    I haven't had a chance to come up with a character yet but I will get on that as soon as possible! Also I will look for a good real picture of my character but would you be upset if I used a non-real picture instead in combination with a written description?
  7. You don't have to restrict the number of animals it's cool. I like what you wrote and look forward to the plot twists :) Also sounds good to have it take place right at the border.

    I would like to make vampires more common than shapeshifters and shapeshifters being very rare. That way it is a big deal when Eve finds her prey. Can we say there are around 500 vampires in north america 200 of which are in america and for shapeshifters there are a total of 200 of them with only 75 living in America). To make it more realistic (so Eve can't starve to death) Eve still drinks off of the family of shapeshifters which came with her to America.

    Other magical beings can exist as well but I feel that vampires would be the most common. A conflict with other species sounds really interesting. Also, the human world doesn't know anything about the supernatural population.

    Yes, I want the taste of your character's blood to be beyond what she have ever tasted and for that blood to somehow connect them. If you character has royal blood that would work. If you didn't want to do that you could make him the most powerful of his kind or something along those lines. Anything works for me I'm sure we can find a way to tie this in. The reason why Eve can't drink human blood remains a mystery as well so when they form this empathetic connection it is going be a first for Eve as well.

    For the picture an anime picture would be fine. Just as long as he isn't overly built or has a beard I am down for anything. Would you like me to use an anime picture as well then?

    I'm so excited for this thread. I think I'll start it tonight and link it to this topic tonight.
  8. Yeah 75 sounds like a good number, that way there really aren't anymore than two per state. I was just a bit curious about other creatures because we could always say that perhaps werewolves hate shapeshifters a lot or some other type of creature hates vampires, etc. Just to come up with some fun stuff. I will come up with something that makes my characters blood more addictive and special than others too. And no you don't have to use an anime picture, I might actually have one or two pictures that may work that are real. I just don't have too many good real life male pictures.

    Whenever you set up the thread just provide me a link and I will put up my profile in there if you are okay with that. Also if you end up making the first post for it you should have it starting off with her out in the woods and then she catches a whiff of a shapeshifter, or else is hunting one. If you don't mind their first encounter being out in the wild.

    But I will start working on my profile right now!
  9. I have no problem with you using an anime picture but if it is a matter of not being able to find an character picture then I have some celebrity names if you want to google their images.

    Ian Somerhalder
    Joseph Morgan
    Brian Ziff/Vespertine (Not well known. He has a FB page I can link you too if you can't find many pictures of him)
    Michael Trevino
    Nicholas Hoult

    Hope this helps and I'll be sure to link the Topic soon :)
  10. im ready. Do you mind putting up the ropleplay and here's my character

    Name: Ivan Greyson
    Age: Hundereds of years onld but looks 23
    Race: Half Breed ( Mixed with human and shadow weaver)- He can shift his body anywhere and had extremely good reflexes and agility.
    Personnality: Ivan is usually out doing something that people mostly wouldn't do. Like jumping out a place with out his parachute. He likes to talk to people and can start a conversation out off nothing but at other times he his quiet and reserved. Ivan's a blunt person seeming mean to others but he's an okay guy.

  11. Still this is one intresting plot.