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  1. I play both male and female. I curse often, in and out of character.

    What I especially enjoy:
    - Post apocalyptic
    - Modern era
    - Drama
    - Romance
    - Jump in roleplays
    - Horror
    - Angst
    - Satire
    - Drugs (Weed, shrooms etc.)

    Disclaimer: I don't use drugs, hard.

    Quick Pairing List:
    these will help inspire ideas and plots.

    *Garage sale doll watches over her new human.

    *E.T x Human

    *Cop x Victim
    - Family is murdered, but only one family member is left asleep in his/her bed.

    *Cop x Murderer

    - Murderer is actually cop's wife.

    *Dragon-Slayer x Lady/Friend

    *Drug addict x Drug user

    *Druggie x Not Druggie

    *Demon x Angel

    *Angel x Human

    *Demon x Human

    *Supernatural Being x Human

    *Mental Patient x Psychiatrist

    *Mental Patient x Mental Patient

    *Horror plots/Slashers

    *Creepypasta inspired

    *Three's Company inspired.

    Instead of posting here, please PM me!

    P.S: If you have a prompt/starting post you're dying to use, send it to me and I'll reply to it. Just make sure you include any information I need (mxf, mxm, what role I'll be taking etc.)
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