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Hello there.
I'm looking for a partner to do a one x one roleplay with. I have a few ideas (which I will be sharing here), but if you have any that you'd really like to try, please shout them out. I won't judge anything. ^^

Anyway, here are a few of my ideas:


They are the last two left. Earth, after enduring a decade long inter-planetary war, has been effectively wiped clean of sentient life. There are two, however, who prove to be the exceptions. Armed with only their wit, guile, and what they can find, they must traverse this transformed world together. Together; after years of silent solitude, the concept is strange to the two survivors. But, how did they survive? Why did the invaders spare them, above everyone else? Perhaps fate had carved them a unique path; a path that they will inevitably have to travel hand-in-hand.

^The above idea can be yaoi, yuri, or straight. If straight is what you'd like, I'd prefer to play the woman, unless you'd feel more comfortable with that role.


Take her hand. Feel the flesh there, the soft ivory skin. She feels, to you, human enough. But you know that you couldn't be more wrong in your assumptions. You couldn't possibly know anything more evil than her. Satan himself practically dumped her in your backyard, leaving her a defenseless demon among mortals. Out of sheer kindness you took her in, and now you can't shake her off. Looks like you bit off more than you could chew, eh? As you try to learn about her clouded history (and why she appeared in your backyard that one fateful morning), you two begin a fumbling, taboo romance. Will you cave in to the pressures of faith? or will you embrace her and her dark past?

^The above idea can be yuri or straight. I was thinking the female demon would be a bit bubbly and spacey, and the mortal male/female would be a bit wary and cautious.


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To give you a hand, we JUST posted this topic here to help people connect with other one on one roleplay partners! >:D Fill it out and kidnap some people!