One x anyone?

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  1. I'm looking for pretty much anyone interested in a 1x1.
    Preferably someone who is pretty active.
    I'm up for pretty much anything, though I have most experience in the fantasy setting.
    Hope to hear from someone :3
  2. I would like to do a fantasy roleplay with you. How about a vampire girl/werewolf boy or a Twilight one?
  3. I'm not really into Twilight, but the other one is a possibility.
  4. Can we do a 1x1 that's old fashioned? I mean one with the courtesans, the dragons, the swords, and the knights? I have an idea for that!
  5. Could I be the vampire girl, bad at playing guys?
  6. Yeah, sure. I was planning on being the guy anyway.
  7. Ok thanks should it be there in a fight with each others families and discover feelings for each other
  8. Works for me.
  9. Can you make it up and send it to me do it from when your family enters and changes into werewolf form and you can think of the name
  10. I'd kinda prefer if you started it, seeing as I'm terrible at that kinda stuff :S
  11. Please try I swearing won't make fun I'm really nice
  12. I am on constantly and I refuse to write one line posts :). I too am a lover of Fantasy <3
    Do you have any ideas in mind? I would love to come up with something with you!
  13. Well, the main reason I wrote this post and not one with a idea was that I didn't have any specific ideas :S But I'm all up for coming up with something :3
  14. lol, sorry I should have assumed that. :P

    I'll send you a pm :D
  15. I dont have any ideas at this moment but I am listening to music and ohhh.............*giant lightbulb over head* Got one! PM me if interested :)
  16. I'd be up for something if you're still looking.