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  1. Let's make a world through collaboration ,
    but with a twist.
    I'll give you a word, and you'll start a premiss for one planet.
    Tag willing friends and they'll 'build' towns or cities inside said planet.
    Another twist, you give them a word to work with as well.
    Each person with their own individual word.
    Then, at the end, you can all review each other's places.
    If you want to that is.

    Here's a basic form to fill out. You can use/add whatever you want though. Just make sure to have fun with it.
    World form
    Special resources:
    Known inhabitants:
    Key Locations: (Enough for the people to put towns/cities on)

    Town/City form
    Known leader:
    Likelihood of survival:
  2. This sounds fun, I believe you are starting? By giving us the word to build our world upon.
  3. Your word is Voice.
  4. Hmm, this is interesting. I'd like to try.
  5. Your word is Bee
  6. Question, do we have to be tagged to build cities on other's worlds? Or can anybody contribute (by asking the world's creator, of course).​
  7. Anybody can make a city as long as it's okay with the world's creator.
  8. Hivious -

    Green and blue, like the normal earth, only with rather large chuncks of yellow spread all around. There are orange cloud along with the yellow white ones, and it has a couple of moons, both are small, rather white and round, being less than half the size of Hivious. One moon is named Mel while the other has been named Biene.

    Special resources:
    Incredibly large fields of flowers. The earth and water on planet Hivious is split 45-55, thus creating lots of lands in which flowers can grow freely. The type of flowers that grow depend on the different areas, and it seems like there will never be a shortage of flowers in the planet. Another special resource this planet has is Ancient Honey Blocks. No one has found out yet how those have been made, but when dissolved into liquid, it turned into perfectly good honey. Different amounts of Ancient Honey Blocks have been found across Hivious.

    Known inhabitants:
    Humanoid Bees which have named themselves Beirs. Many of the different creatures around Hivious have learned how to live from Honey and also how to creature natural honey outdoor. There are also a minor, less knowledgeable version of Beir named Regular Bees, which the Beir has sent to different planets to scout out new planets for them and find new species of flowers they may enjoy.

    Hivious is a rather peaceful planet, being a place where the major species and nature know how to live together in harmony. There are cases of extreme bees who claim they have enough force to take over the entire galaxy, but they usually end up not being heard of ever again. THe most dangerous place in all of Hivious is the continent Naturae, which doesn't have any civil cities on it and is completely infested with wild life. Most of the wild life is considered harmless as long as one knows how to be careful and treat it, but due to the fact not all species on the planet have been found yet, its safe to assume that there are more, under developed and dangerous life forms on the planet, hidden and waiting.

    Key Locations:
    Hivious is divided into 7 different continents. 5 are already considered civil with many different Hive cities on them and still lots of room to create more. Those ones are named: Bienenstock, Alveare, Ruch, Haibu and Uley.
    After the Civil five, there are two more natured filled continents. One which is too difficult to convert to a civil one and one which is in the progress of being converted. The one which cannot be converted yet is named Naturae and the one which is in the progress of being converted is called Zerleg.

    Home planet of the Bees. When people see the bees disappearing, this is where they come back to, to hand out new samples of flowers and reports regarding the different planets they have visited.​
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  9. That looks great! :D
    You should now start tagging people. Remember to give them words as well!
  10. I wouldn't know who to tag!

    Hmm, well, I have an Idea.

    @Expllo I hereby tag you to create a city in my world, using the word 'Gift' as inspiration :3
  11. Name:

    Known leader:
    Gift Beir The Generous The III

    Makes the best honey syrup.

    Largesse appears to be high in morals believing in the act of kindness. Beirs from this town are often the most happy and generous leaving gifts for all in their world and out. Arguably this town is the most generous and kind on the whole planet shown by how sorry has been the most popular word for the past hundred years or so.

    Likelihood of survival:
    10/10 - IGN

    Very cold weather, but town is filled with wrapped presents.
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  12. It's awesome! XD
  13. I would like to try o.o
  14. Your word is chandelier.
  15. Name: Mechrius

    Appearance: This world is mostly made out of metal in its roots, but there’s still wood and earth over the place. The world of Mechrius is designed as a giant mechanism which holds its different areas in places called “Lamps”, the Lamps are each over one metal root, giving the world the form of a giant chandelier made of dark metal. Most of the metal in the place is dark and covered with a resource that will be explained further. As each habitable place is inside a “Lamp” they all have different weathers which are controlled by the MasterMind, creator of this world.

    Special resources: The most common resource of this world is metal, in all its varieties, gold, silver, platinum, copper, bronze and more. The real characteristic resource which is only found in this world is the Mechiq, a liquid which covers the metal areas of the ground which can materialize into any form that is placed on it and conserve that form for years, it’s a very hard and strange resource since no one has been able to study it because of it‘s sturdiness. There’s also another kind of metal which is also known as Mechaq, it’s called like this because it’s made from Mechiq, when Mechiq hardens with extreme pressure and heat, it gets white and acquires new physical properties.

    Known inhabitants: The habitants of this world are humans, self-designated Chevlers, they are spread all over the different Lamps.

    Dangers: Besides the human itself, the most common danger in Mechrius are creatures known as Mech-Asmas, the Mech-Asmas are robotic beings made purely from Mechiq and Mechaq. They come in all kinds and sizes; they are all extremely dangerous and are sent by the MasterMind to control the overpopulation in Mechrius. They seen to work with clock mechanics, normally they show a tail which seems like a wall-clock pendulum and a small timer over their arms or heads, depending on the Mech-Asma’s form.

    Key Locations: The Lamps, until now there are five lamps but the MasterMind plans on doing more. Each Lamp posses an unique name, the names are: Saono the East Lamp, Croz the West Lamp, Amoba the South Lamp, Gracia the North Lamp and Ramuz the Middle Lamp.

    The “Roots”, each Lamp is hold by a Root which posses the name of it respective Lamp: Saono the East Root, Croz the West Root, Amoba the South Root, Gracia the North Root and Ramuz the Middle Root.

    @ScarletNova I dare you
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  16. I'm sorry, I'm very confused here. Am I supposed to make some kind of place or some sort?
  17. A city for the world I made up @ScarletNova

    EDIT: Your word is "Scrap"
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  18. Don't forget to give her a word. :)
  19. Creating a world from one...word?
    I'd love to give it a shot!~ I love world building. It's what I'm best at~

    I have no idea who I would even attempt to tag to make cities or something though. i have no friends....
  20. Town/City form:

    In Amoba the South Lamp

    Name: Remnants

    Known leader: Ember, a rough and tough leader but is strong and loyal to her people. Supposed to be run by her father, though he is old and cannot do as much anymore so Ember has taken the lead, leading the people like her father has.

    Specialties: Mining copper, and then forging bronze using the copper.

    Morals: They’re rough and wouldn’t back down from any enemy. They all work together and are willing to trade with others but will defend their home if they feel threatened. They know how to survive, and even look it.

    Likelihood of survival: Surviving, but just getting by; for instance, constantly worrying about their food supply.

    - Desert land, hot during the day but cold at night.
    -Have to trade their copper and bronze for food and supplies.
    -The place looks almost post-apocalyptic looking, with abandoned houses and broken left over parts of Mech-Asmas scattered around the desert. Somewhat dirty looking from the mining and forging with dust, sand and pieces of metal everywhere.

    I don't really know who to tag to this, I don't really know who would want to do this, but I can give a word for someone who shows up. Word: "illuminate"