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One who corrects customs by laughing at them. (Greetings.)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by castigat, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. In reference to the title: castigat ridendo mores. I shortened it here because ain't nobody got time fo dat.

    Yo. I'm castigat. I'm horrendous at introductions and have the attention span ranging between a sandwich and a saint. It really depends on what the thing requiring my attention is.
    That said, my resume is going to be pretty bare until I figure things out, because when I'm put on the spot by something outside of myself, my brain packs up and leaves. Gone. Nada. Nothing left. Peace out, brother.

    I am insanely laid-back. My entire being is made of Teflon when it matters (which pisses people off a lot). I can go from caring too much about something to not caring at all in a couple of seconds flat, which is a blessing and a curse. How that applies to anything here? Just means I try to be as open-minded as possible, don't give a flying fart in space about most things.

    I am senselessly sadistic toward characters, but empathetic to a fault when it comes to real people. It's a walking paradox; my imagination could run wild when I'm angry, yet my voice and face is cheery.
    An accurate way to describe this would be "Urge to kill rising. ^_^"

    I have absolutely no clue what to put here, so I'm just spewing finger diarrhea in hopes it'll work out. I've been writing since 5ever. I have a symbiotic relationship and approach to characters and their portrayal, something that makes me come off as schizophrenic at the best of times. Sometimes I'm deliberately vague to piss people off; other times I am so because my brain clocks out the very moment it's put on the spot (like now). Ask me a question that doesn't have a definitive right or wrong answer, duhuhhh, what? (Although I do admit that I love being a philosophical quack.)

    To keep this from becoming too long-winded and reduced to a verbose 'wah-wah-wah' in Ben Stein's voice, I'll just touch up on the things mentioned in the survey provided for this forum:
    - Pick something. Cas works for now. I don't divulge nicknames right off the bat unless I feel like it. inb4 Supernatural references, although I totally am him. I kick ass for the Lord. (I don't.)
    - I'll leave identity up to you.
    - I'm older than sin nearly a thousand a dinosaur old enough to know better a 21-year-old with the mind of a crotchety 60-year-old. Get off my lawn you damn whippersnappers.
    - New to the site, not to roleplaying. I still remember when T-type roleplaying was a thing—and I mean, a popular thing. When roleplaying was still defined by it and everyone looked like a bunch of Yu-Gi-Oh players yelling I PUT BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON IN ATTACK MODE -connect-
    (That's not meant to be insulting. I hope none of you think it is.)
    - I used to do a lot of group roleplays, but I haven't found a site that spurs me to want to do them anymore. I like a relaxed setting nowadays, so I'm the one-on-one type of person. There aren't as many variables to worry about. That isn't to say I can't be convinced, but you know what, get right on that Sisyphus.
    - Cherry blossoms are pretty great, especially if you're into Saiyuki and gross amounts of feeling. If you know what I'm talking about, you're welcome.
    - I have a song from Psycho-Pass playing right now. It's instrumental. I'd love to break every glass item in the vicinity and everyone's eardrums, but thankfully you're spared.

    /backflips away
  2. The attention span of a sandwich. This is the greatest thing I have ever heard. O_O

    Welcome to the site Cas who is not Castiel but like him!
  3. Ha, thank you (on both accounts). Although I do have a fair bit more emotion than my feathered friend. Maybe, somewhere, there is a heaven of sandwiches with short attention spans.
  4. Hey! I'm Domeki Sato I welcome you! Need a buddy gimmie a shout
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  5. Hai o..o I like type words~
    *waves and giggles*
    Welcome^^ I really hope you like your stay~
    Please message me anytime^^