One Weird Thing About Today - Every Day!

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  1. Obviously, this is a parody of Diana's thread. But hey, just go with it, okay?

    Why lament the bad (or appreciate the good) when you can just point out the absurd? Every day, there's bound to be that one tiny (or perhaps huge, depending on your life's narrative) detail that's absolutely out of the ordinary (or in with the ordinary, just absolutely pointless). You just have to keep your eyes open (or closed, since absurdity is often bred from ignorance), and not merely take everything for granted.


    This thread. xD
  2. I lifted up the toilet seat. A spider crawled from under it.
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  3. So, I do this weird twitch thing where sometimes (quite a lot of the time.) (pretty much all the time) I day dream. Sometimes I kinda half fall asleep and wake up suddenly and jump somewhat. This time I had a small memory pen in my hand. I accidentally threw it up in the air slightly from my right hand and it fell onto my left hand and it takes me a couple of seconds to realise i'm no longer asleep and i'm just staring at my hand going "huh."
  4. A saw my little friend the Mouse running from under my wash machine and went under the sink counter lol
  5. I didn't kill anyone today.

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  6. I watched an episode of Supernatural today where Dean talked to a dog. O___O
  7. I haven't seen any dead ants (or alive ones thankfully) at my back door.....strange.....maybe I need more spray.
  8. Today I was running and I tripped but instead of falling I did this strange roll-type thing and stood back up and I only wish I could have seen what it'd be like in third person.
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  9. I found a french fry in my son's diaper.
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  10. Today I found a serial killer that also happened to be an Illuminati rubix cube. I sent it back to the sender.
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  11. @ Fluffy: I saw Fluffy's post and thought that was weird for today.
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  12. Same here.
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  13. I drank two bottles of beer..! >.<


    >.>. It's just stupid .. Honestly!
  14. I sprayed a wall corner with a hose while scrubbing the school's bathrooms.

    It exploded in spider. Thought it was just dirt and grime.

    It was SPIDERS.

    Boss came running from a nearby room when he heard my girly scream manly shout.

    Not even afraid of spiders. Just startled me when the spot EXPLODED in legs.
  15. @Windsong: That's hilarious. Honestly, I would do the same thing. Like I mentioned somewhere in this thread, I lifted up the toilet seat one morning to pee, and a spider crawled out.
  16. It is very weird how my best Friend just hit it on Me like minutes ago!!

    This is Awkward .. Seriously! >:(

    Why is this happening to. Me ?
  17. I finished rereading the chapter of the Lord of The Rings where Frodo & Co. were in the House of Tom Bombadil, and I dreamed what they dreamed in that chapter....
  18. Bizarreness is regular around here because I'm a weirdo who fell in love with a weirdo, then together we made a weird spawn.

    Now for today's weirdness, I caught a dude stealing glances at me while I was sipping Gatorade at one of the cafe' tables. So I stuck my finger in my nose and made a dorky face so that when he turned around again, I could get rid of him.

    The results of this were most satisfactory.
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  19. I found tiny piece of glass on my foot when i slipped my work shoe off! BAM! i won.
  20. Today me and Gibs went out for a lunch date. This was a totally normal thing. EXCEPT OUR WAITER WAS EXACTLY LIKE WAITERS YOU SEE IN MOVIES AND ON TELEVISION.

    He was young and movie star handsome. O___O He talked all smooth and fancy like in those high glass fancyass movie restaurants. He served us with flourish and flair. The whole time I was trying not to giggle.

    I left him a post-it note telling him thank you for being a movie star waiter, so I hope he got a weird smile and laugh today too. 8D
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