One, two, three, peek-a-boo, I found out about you.

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  1. His appearance (open)

    He'd just wanted to change. it had been two weeks since he had stretched his claws, his wings, among other normal things for himself. He'd been so busy creating schedules and teaching classes that every time he'd been about to do something, things got in the way. He was finally going to do it.

    He didn't care if his office door was unlocked. He didn't care he was in the middle of the freaking university. He needed to change or risk insane during a class or tutoring session. Closing his dark eyes he stretched his arms, twisting in his seat to pull the muscles and make them loose. Then he rose, his chair rolling back out of the way as he began to twist again, but this time in a less physical motion and more physiological way.

    Arms shortened and grew black feathers. His decently trimmed chest blended with his black shirt which then became feathers. Last he hopped up on the desk, landing when his head popped into the shape of a raven's head and his legs were taloned claws that could easily rip pray apart.

    "Ah, much better," he said, not having heard the door open at all. Mr. Rodnie Lassler was caught, even if he didn't know it himself just then.
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    Sophie didn't mean to oversleep that morning it just...sort of..happened. Well that's not true she had a late night last night and had forgotten to set her alarm. When she finally did wake and see the time, she rushed out hoping that her professor would still be in his classroom.

    She ran down the steps of her dorm building taking two at a time. She rushed out to her car and drove the short distance to the hall where her lecture was held. She had never been to her teacher's office before so it took her a while before she was able to find it. She knocked but didn't hear an answer. She heard some movement inside but she didn't want to disturb him.

    Come on you need to get that assignment so you won't fall behind she told herself. She took a deep breathe and opened the door to find a large raven where her professor should have been. "Ummm..." she said because her mind had went completely blank.
  3. The bird froze on the desk as he heard the woman's voice. Slowly he hopped around and stared at the open doorway. It's black eyes locked on her as he stood there, beak slightly apart. He blinked once, and then twice. Then, in a flying leap he flew at her, landing in front of her as her teacher, his eyes holding a warning as he grabbed her wrist and drew her the rest of the way into his office before closing the door.

    "Sophie, right? Sophie, what are you doing here? You shouldn't be here. Class was canceled for the rest of the week," he said, blocking her exit with his body as he watched her. He had to make her forget. He had to make her forget or make her think she was dreaming it. He knew it would be unlikely but he had to try.
  4. Sophie just stood there shocked when the bird flew at her and it...became her teacher? This cannot be happening she thought. I must be dreaming. She blinked rapidly when he grabbed her wrist and she noticed the warning that was held in his eyes. She definitely wasn't telling anyone about this. First off who would believe her? They would all think she was crazy. Besides she didn't have that many friends to begin with...or any rather. At least not here.

    When she finally found her voice she said, "Um yes i'm Sophie. I uh came to ask what our homework would be but I can see that you are busy so i'll just go." She tried to move towards the door before she noticed he was blocking it.
  5. Rodnie stared at the girl for a few minutes and then shook his head. "I'm afraid I can't let you leave just yet Sophie," he said as he leaned back against the door, crossing his arms across his chest. He remained silent for a few moments before looking at the desk where a beer sat. It had been a bit early to drink and that had been the only reason he'd let himself relax into the urge to change shape. Groaning softly he shook his head, not wanting to make the woman feel as if she were being threatened. "I have to give you the homework. Is there a legitamate reason behind your inability to get it during class, or are you just getting ahead of the schedule?"
  6. Sophie did not want to stay in this office anymore than she had to. This place was making her think she was going crazy. Besides she wasn't too fond of her teacher right now. "You know what? I'll just get the assignment from someone else. Just forget that I was here. See you next week!" she said as she moved closer to the door. "Do you mind?" she asked indicating that he was blocking her way out of the room.
  7. Rodnie watched her for a few more moments before shaking his head. “I can’t let you leave until I have a promise from you. You mustn’t tell anyone about what you saw. They’ll think you are crazy for one but I will not allow you to say it either,” he warned, not moving as he watched the student.
  8. After what Sophie had just seen she was definitely ready to get out of here. This room was starting to make her claustrophobic. When he asked her the promised about not telling anyone she mentally rolled her eyes. Who would I tell anyway? she thought. Sophie took a few minutes before saying, "You have my word that I won't tell anyone of what I saw. Satisfied now?"