One Tree

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Yaoi, FANTASY , magical, romance, every day, drama, violence, alpha/beta/omega verse (I have been craving an in depth roleplay for this)
Despite life's struggles, the two of you always stood together and proud. Judgments came and went and as seven years passed by, your love for one another only grew stronger. Like a twig grown into a tree, nothing could break your relationship down.
Then one large storm broke the large tree into two. Exposed rings that would reveal a tree's age only mirrored the years of memories exposed for the elements to rip into nothing but lone splinters.

Because sometimes cheating did that to a relationship.

Though guilt and regret couldn't even begin to describe the emotions that developed from such an event, how could a relationship ever return to normal? How could there ever be forgiveness in the fact for that one night, that one moment, you weren't good enough? Before you can even catch your breath, the two of you are involved in a dangerous car crash that leaves your lover on constant pain meds.

And you without your memory of the past seven years. You both return home eventually, heavy hearts and confused minds making it difficult to go back to what you once were. Trees didn't just grow back overnight. That's when you start to wonder...

Was this relationship ever meant to be?

Looking for someone to play dominant and to be the person in the relationship who cheats. My character will be the one who looses his memory of the past seven years.
I am looking for someone willing to have fun and to share ideas. I do not want anything less than a full paragraph (6 to 7 sentences) for each response. Please use basic grammar as well. No *he cried loudly* or "I sowwy bby. Me luv u's" please.
This will be male x male.
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