One Thing You Can't Live Without

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  1. Besides food, water, and shelter(<-includes a bathroom), what is one thing that you feel you need to have in your everyday life?
  2. Asthma medication, because I would literally die without it.
  3. Wifi or a decent internet connection.

    I built my entire social network online, being cut off from all the people I care about, and all the things I love doing, would drive me batty.

    And I realize exactly how ridiculous this sounds.
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  4. ^
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  5. My phone. Sad as it may seem, that's my internet, my way to text, and where I keep a lot of notes, schedules, and writing, so it matters a lot to me. I remember last summer I purposefully left it at home during a three-week vacation to see the result, and it turned out I was more attatched than I'd thought.
  6. Pho and beer.

    I meant I -could- but seriously....what would even be the point?
  7. Orgasms.
    With this libido I will not survive without some form of sexual pleasure.
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  8. Nothing, honestly. I've found that with some will and time I can remove my want of things.
  9. Sure, if it's necessary. But isn't there something you would desire?
  10. Of course there are. But as I said, over time and with will I can simply stop desiring it. Craving or feeling you "need" something in your life is simply a mental thing. Easy to overcome with practice and effort.
  11. Air.
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  12. You beat me to it, you son of a

    Honestly, I think I could have any individual non-essential thing taken out of my life and be able to adapt. It wouldn't be fun, but I'd get over it.
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  13. Books. I could adjust, like others, but I like having. Books.
  14. Internet x - x
  15. Bad bitches

    Umm... I honestly don't know. I guess women? It would be one hell of a sausagefest if there were only dudes around, and that by itself would be pretty bothersome. I was going to originally vote alcohol, but that makes me seem like I have a drinking problem.
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  16. WiFi or internet connection... I mean I have my own really close like a sister friends in RL, but I've also met people online who are worth communicating with even if they're a country or half the world away. Even if I don't even know their faces or they don't know mine, the connection is still there. Well, I'm easily attached... What can you do? :D There's just something amazing about knowing those words on the screen are from an actual person.

    That and I spend a lot of time getting my ebooks and music here. And research for school. Yeah, that...
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  17. Blood, probably.
  18. I'd have to say internet too. I'd be able to deal without other things, but I could get reading material, music & People to connect with over the net.
  19. I'm going to be jumping on the Internet wagon here (+Means to access it, such as a computer obviously).

    In combination of a vast social life, gaming, music and video needs there's relatively little in life that I don't use the Internet for.
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  20. Gravity.

    I don't wanna float away... ;(
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