One Thing You Can't Live Without

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  1. Besides food, water, and shelter(<-includes a bathroom), what is one thing that you feel you need to have in your everyday life?
  2. Asthma medication, because I would literally die without it.
  3. Wifi or a decent internet connection.

    I built my entire social network online, being cut off from all the people I care about, and all the things I love doing, would drive me batty.

    And I realize exactly how ridiculous this sounds.
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  4. My phone. Sad as it may seem, that's my internet, my way to text, and where I keep a lot of notes, schedules, and writing, so it matters a lot to me. I remember last summer I purposefully left it at home during a three-week vacation to see the result, and it turned out I was more attatched than I'd thought.
  5. Pho and beer.

    I meant I -could- but seriously....what would even be the point?
  6. Orgasms.
    With this libido I will not survive without some form of sexual pleasure.
  7. Nothing, honestly. I've found that with some will and time I can remove my want of things.
  8. Sure, if it's necessary. But isn't there something you would desire?
  9. Of course there are. But as I said, over time and with will I can simply stop desiring it. Craving or feeling you "need" something in your life is simply a mental thing. Easy to overcome with practice and effort.
  10. You beat me to it, you son of a

    Honestly, I think I could have any individual non-essential thing taken out of my life and be able to adapt. It wouldn't be fun, but I'd get over it.
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  11. Books. I could adjust, like others, but I like having. Books.
  12. Internet x - x
  13. Bad bitches

    Umm... I honestly don't know. I guess women? It would be one hell of a sausagefest if there were only dudes around, and that by itself would be pretty bothersome. I was going to originally vote alcohol, but that makes me seem like I have a drinking problem.
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  14. WiFi or internet connection... I mean I have my own really close like a sister friends in RL, but I've also met people online who are worth communicating with even if they're a country or half the world away. Even if I don't even know their faces or they don't know mine, the connection is still there. Well, I'm easily attached... What can you do? :D There's just something amazing about knowing those words on the screen are from an actual person.

    That and I spend a lot of time getting my ebooks and music here. And research for school. Yeah, that...
  15. Blood, probably.
  16. I'd have to say internet too. I'd be able to deal without other things, but I could get reading material, music & People to connect with over the net.
  17. I'm going to be jumping on the Internet wagon here (+Means to access it, such as a computer obviously).

    In combination of a vast social life, gaming, music and video needs there's relatively little in life that I don't use the Internet for.
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  18. Gravity.

    I don't wanna float away... ;(
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