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    • Secluded from the rest of the sprawling city, deep within the forest, there stands a... high rise apartment building? The building's floors reach high above to the point where the penthouse is obscured by clouds. It's for the best really, seeing as the lower floors and parking lot are overrun by the strange zombie-like creatures with grotesque rotting faces who spend there time ambling about without seemingly a care in the world.
      Most residents of this dwelling have no real recollection why they are there, nor how they lived before arriving there. Despite the pipes being rusted beyond repair, the AC being nonexistent, and the aforementioned zombie creatures, everyone seems to be content.

      The only people aware of why things are this way are the two strange women who share the penthouse apartment. However, they don't seem very keen on allowing anyone else to share their knowledge.

      You will be playing the new tenant(s) of the building. You find yourself in a fully furnished apartment, with all of your stuff unpacked and in their proper places, without any recollection of how, when, or why. Since you're the newest (and have no idea how you got there, why you're there, or when got there), you're more than willing to confront Sabitsuki and Madotsuki, seeing as there is no management anywhere to be seen.
      Eventually, after inevitably getting no answer, you'll begin to get used to the very strange tenants of this even stranger building as you interact and live alongside them.

      This will be a Slice of Life, Action, Comedy, and Romance (?)roleplay, where I will be playing both multiple characters and NPCs.

      1. No fighting between tenants
      2. Please do not leave your garbage in the hallways
      3. Do not attempt to leave the building
      4. All surplus is kept is in the residence pantry, please do not take more than you need to.
      5. Do not attempt to engage the kaibutsu when unarmed, there is no guarantee anybody will come to your aid
      6. Dinner is at 8 pm, please do not miss it.

      • Madotsuki: A young hikkikomori who spent a great deal of her life inside her bedroom. Madotsuki speaks in a very formal but direct manner, despite enjoying childish things like stuffed animals, naps, and video games. She looks much younger than her age, 19 years old. Her time spent as a hikkikomori and sleeping have allowed her to explore her mind, introducing her to aspects of herself she had been unaware of. This awareness has granted her agility and accuracy far beyond what is normal for someone her age.
      • Sabitsuki: The survivor of a disease known only as "The Rust", Sabitsuki was quarantined in her bedroom from her junior year of high school and on, until eventually escaping at the age of 24. She is brash and prone to bursts of emotion, which can easily turn to violence, as well as a lack of formality. However, she is known to have a love of plants and have a vast knowledge of complicated botany.[​IMG]

      THE NPCS

      The Masada Family
      • Seccom Masada: A strange man who lives with his two daughters in the apartment on the floor below the penthouse. No one had ever seen him speak, but his beautiful piano playing can be heard throughout the building. He stands at around 7' and wears a black turtleneck and black slacks. [​IMG]
      • Monoe Masada: The adult daughter of Seccom Masada-san, almost nothing is known of her. She almost acts as the spokesperson for her family, as she is the only one who speaks. She always has this strange smile on her face, as if she knows something... [​IMG]
      • Monoko Masada:The youngest daughter of the Masada family, She has wide blank eyes and her expression never changes. She's not known to leave her bedroom, and seems to have a phobia of bright lights. [​IMG]

      A callous young woman who lives on the same floor as the Masada's. Her yelling can be heard often throughout the buliding. She seems to a large distaste for Madotsuki in particular. She has long blonde hair, wears a green turtleneck, and a floor length gray skirt picture from DreamVsDream wiki, actually portrait from game[​IMG]

      Smile and Sister

      Refusing to give their real names, they are rarely seen apart. Smile is a tall, lanky and certainly terrifying young man, who carries a hammer and seems to have a sadistic grudge against Sabitsuki. He has strange tattoos on his cheeks and eyelids. Sister is a small girl who accompanies here who refuses to so much as look in the direction of someone other than Smile. picture from DreamVsDream wiki
      • [​IMG]
      The one woman maintenance crew of the building. She's actually quite pleasant and is always up for tea or a chat! Don't scared by the large diving helmet she wears or the fact that she doesn't wear shoes. Picture drawn by lilly181 on dA

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  1. Color me curious; I could use a nice little slice of life to get me back into the swing of roleplaying. Do you have a character sheet you'd prefer we fill out or does it not matter?
  2. It doesn't matter! The most that I ask is that your character have some sort of power, or be adept at defending themselves in the event of Kaibutsu attacks!
  3. So the characters are going to devolp when we roleplay? What are the limitations of the powers?
  4. Seems like a different role play that I've seen and I already love it. Just give me a CS and I can be on my way! Also what are some limitations with our powers?
  5. Since this is primarily slice of life and the only action will involve the NPC Kaibutsu, the only real limit is that they can't be too destructive. No ruining the building with explosions or fire or things like that!

    Also, there aren't any character sheets! Describe your character as you go and the story will begin to develop as we rp.
  6. Makes sense lol, so how about something like mild telekinesis or something of that sort?
  7. Something like that would be perfectly fine!
  8. Okay okay :] I'll wait until a CS then we can have some fun!
  9. Oh, so we don't have to submit anything at all? Will this be a jump in/jump out sort of RP or are you doing more typical signups? I'm nervous about joining something that might get large/chaotic.
  10. It will be signup based, once it's established that your character is a tenant they will be added to the cast list and you can either give me a bio to put for them or I'll create one as they develop. It might get a bit chaotic, as this is my first time attempting to do this sort of roleplay, but I'll try my best to keep a steady hold on things.

    Just a paragraph describing their reaction to waking up in their apartment is all that's needed, but it should include a show of their power and a description of what was happening in their life before they woke up here.
  11. I guess I'll just put myself here then so I know I'm in.
  12. But... how does she drink tea with a diving helmet on?

    So how do we sign up here? Do we just make a post IC to confirm our participation?
  13. She has a tube that she sips through!

    Yep yep, just make a post in IC thread to begin!
  14. Any ideas on ability strength before I throw in something ridiculous? I'm thinking of a "deconstruction wave" kind of thing. Release it and it'll temporarily turn anything it touches into dust as it travels (except for living things). The dust then reforms into the original item once the wave has passed. Magic stuff holds anything supported by a deconstructed object in place until the object is reconstructed.
  15. That's a little much! My best advice is that it should be something that something that can be used quick and doesn't involve real effort to use. Something like just turning things into dust, or being able to turn things into dust and reshape in any way you want would also be acceptable!
  16. I threw my first post up, I hope it's okay. :o
  17. Im interested in making a character that has some power over nature. Plants mostly, perhaps influence over various type of animals if possible.

    But Id like them to be a gardener. Can we have a garden in the building?
  18. So are you planning to use cs or just us to drop in?
  19. We're going with drop in I think.
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