One Step Ahead

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  1. The cold night wind blew past Eyther's ears as the warm iron dripped from his walking husk. After all, that's all that he felt that he was. Nevertheless, he carried on as he did, his feet trudging through the woods, the cold of the night ignorant to his existence, all the while he laughed as his thoughts comforted him. Then, as he just barely broke through the wall of the forest, he saw lights, far beyond a stone wall that lay about fifty yards from where Eyther presently stood. His laughter ceased, and the wicked smile that had written itself so neatly upon his lips had erased itself. He had to remove whatever evidence he could of his previous trials, but he couldn't approach a home of such a stature looking as he did.

    "I'd be better suited with the soil." he thought. Suddenly, his eyes widened, and a wicked smile began to garnish his mandible, widening as though a macabre extract of the Cheshire Cat, for he had so effortlessly thought of a way to approach the homestead without frightening the residence. He then immediately dropped to the ground and began rolling around, collecting as much dirt on the still wet iron as he could. When he next stood, there was not a single spot of crimson gleam to be found. With that, he stood and stepped out from the woods to draw attention from the residence of the family inside, to hopefully be rid of strong stench that would soon haunt his eternity.
  2. The cold night blew though the pastel pink transparent curtains of the young girls room as the girl had left her window open, but she didn't mind. Young Meiko loved feeling the cold air against her neck, it feel like rain or cold blood running down the back of her neck. While playing a Pokemon game of on her small Red gameboy, the girl felt a sudden being approaching her home.

    Getting up and abandoning the Pokemon game she was currently playing, the girl walked over to her open window and saw a young boy around her age covered in wet dirt. She gasped and covered her mouth, stifling the gasp and stepped back a bit before moving forward again, looking at the boy with her blue eyes.

    Is he okay? She thought, wondering if it was alright to Go down and see him or stay where she was and let her parents handle it. However, her curiosity got the better of her and she left her room, heading downstairs and down to the back door, opening it and seeing the boy at the gate. She stood in the doorway, not moving in inch and instead examined the boy before moving cautiously towards him. " you need help?" She asked, placing a hand on the rusted steel gate.
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  3. Eyther thought quickly before acting. "Alright. I don't 'im." he thought, garnishing a friendly smile.

    "Uh, yes, hello!" he said with a friendly, fluid tone. "I hope it's not too much trouble of me to ask, but I haven't had a good chance to clean myself properly in a long while, and I was wondering if I could use your washroom for a brief moment. That is, if it's not too much trouble." he requested, being as polite as he possibly could. He was aware of the caliber of these people merely by the size of the land encompassed by the walls.
  4. Meiko gulped, looking over her shoulder at her home and then at the boy and nodded. "Um...Yeah sure. But you'll have to be quiet. My father is in his study and my mother is in the dining room next to the kitchen." She nodded, unlatching the gate and grabbed the boy's arm, pulling him through the wet grass towards her home.

    Opening the door, she looked around and saw her mother nowhere and sight and pulled him in, "Now you need to be quiet. Okay?" She asked in a quiet voice, placing a finger over her lips to tell him to stay quiet.
  5. Eyther smiled at the boy as he pulled him along the grassy yard to the household. He could feel the coold liquid on the grass, however, and a sick feeling washed over him, though he didn't show it.

    "Oh no." he thought. "Please tell me it's not going to come off!" he silently pleaded, keeping up the facade as he grew nearer and nearer to the large household in front of him.
  6. Opening the door, the two walked in and stood on the Mat that was right in front of the door as Meiko let's go of his hand. "Alright. It's right next to the kitchen. Come on." She instructed, walking forward and towards out of the kitchen, not turning around and hoping he was still following her.
  7. "Uh, r-right." Eyther said, unsure of whether or not he should look back. Then, to put his disturbed self at ease, he looked over his shoulder, and grimaced at the brown footsteps that followed him. Eyther quickly flipped forward onto his hands and continued following the boy that was leading him through the house.