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Medieval, fantasy, furry, slice-o-life.
Allo! I am looking to do a military role-play! I know, this is strange on this subsection of the forum but I intend there to be some smut so... Yeah.

I'm looking to play a female sniper behind enemy lines, her mission goes pear shaped and her spotter is killed, leaving her in deep shit. The hopes is for your character to be a rebel who ends up helping her try to get to extraction. Can love bloom in the crosshairs?

I would like someone who can give me a strong paragraph up to three or more if you so desire. This can be straight or a lesbian pairing. Expect there to be much violence, gore, death, ect. Any questions please ask! My character is in the thumbnail.


  • blondes guns dogs sniper rifle anime girls 1680x1050 wallpaper Animals ___.jpg
    blondes guns dogs sniper rifle anime girls 1680x1050 wallpaper Animals ___.jpg
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