One-Sentence Story

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  1. Like Diana always says; "That is what I tell people. If you're gonna write a one liner post, it better be one hell of a good line."

    So, let's write some good one-line posts. See how well you can convey emotion through them.

    For example, I'll do one;

    I couldn't bear to tell the girl I loved that I was only dreaming and that she was merely a figment of my imagination, so I kissed her, and as the world lost its color, I slowly woke up.
  2. Eh, I'll give it a shot.

    My whole existence was nothing but one to be a puppet - a marionette, the plaything of my seniors; so I killed them, I killed myself, the blast consuming all of my hate.
  3. As the timer rang, I knew my time was up and the bomb was about to go off- To think earlier, I had been at prom.
  4. It wasn't exactly the fact that the world was coming to an end, it more or so was the fact that what I wrote down, a mere scene or two for a story, was becoming real; that a figment of my imagination had created something so big, so destructive, so terrifyingly large that it gripped me by the heart, sending fear for my own imagination into my brain and into my mouth, to where I couldn't hold it any longer, so I just screamed.

    (I guess that can be counted as one sentence? O_o Or I just did a major run-on. ....Oh well.)
  5. In all my years as a kidnapper, I had never felt pain so devasting as when my newest addition turned to me and said... "Your face is breaking out; gross", a claim that felt like claws raking across my heart or Texas Pete mixed with kimchi boiling in my bowels, and from that moment on I wanted nothing more than to be dazzlingly beautiful, to blind my entire collection with my captivating presence, but I found that the level of perfection I sought was unrealistic, so in the end the only consolation I found was in wearing a blanket over my head at all times, hoping my hideous mug would one day be unveiled as a new, angelic face.

    Drammuh :D
  6. As he saw the ships leave the harbor, the man coughed up blood and collapsed, knowing that he will never see his beloved again.

    (Hurray for clich├ęs. At least I tried.)
  7. The rope was swiftly used, to it's fullest killing potential.