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  1. I am of many races;

    Yet only lay claim to one.

    I share my troubles with my brothers,

    And bid comfort to my sisters.

    I feel the remarks of hatred,

    I feel the remarks of love.

    One united, my brothers and my sisters,

    My siblings of gender fluid.


    Black or White,

    Jewish or Muslim,

    North Korean or South Korean,

    Asian or Russian,

    Mexican or Spanish,

    Polish or German,

    Irish or Scottish,

    Canadian or American,

    Man or Woman,

    Transgender or Cisgender,

    Crossdresser or Bigender,

    Gay or Straight,

    Bisexual or Asexual,

    Religious or Atheist,

    You are my kin.

    You are my equal,

    As I am yours.

    One race;

    Red blood,

    One heart,

    One mind,

    One soul.

    We share the same world.

    What race, then am I?

    What race, are we?


    We have forgotten this.

    Instead of being fluent in love,

    The world language has become hate.

    Intolerance seems to reign as the vice in this world,

    While love, hope and compassion

    Has been forgotten about.

    So I do not define my genetics,

    But to my only race,

    And I will freely speak a language foreign to the world now.

    One race,

    One world,

    One love.

    (so, what do you guys think?)
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  2. WOW Logic that was AMAZING T^T

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  3. Thanks! This is what happens when I get sad about how the world is.
  4. this is why we have art and writing, really writers are just as expressive as an artisan we have the same goals in mind and at heart, we tend to care more then most. we observe more than most, and we think more than most.

    thinking too much can hurt us, but when we use these very special ways to communicate to eachother we help eachother a window into ourselves and sometimes that window is just a mirror that reflects back to us what we are all feeling inside. Ican't say for sure if i'm right 100% about this but It is certainly how I feel and how my work makes me feel, my artwork and your poem inspires me to write my own poetry. I haven't in years. Maybe I should try at it again.
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  5. I think you should
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